Olivia Dunne Unveils Festive Collaboration in Joyful Instagram Reveal

LSU's Star Gymnast Ramps Up Training for January Showdown

by Nouman Rasool
Olivia Dunne Unveils Festive Collaboration in Joyful Instagram Reveal
© Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

As the LSU Tigers gear up for the NCAA gymnastics season, standout athlete Olivia Dunne has been making waves both on and off the gymnastics mat. Known for her dynamic presence in the world of college sports, Dunne recently took to Instagram to spread holiday cheer among her followers and announce an exciting new partnership.

In her latest Instagram stories, the most followed NCAA athlete of all time transforms into an animated character, playfully holding a bear. This delightful image marks her collaboration with Jensen's multivitamin gummies, a partnership that highlights her influence beyond gymnastics.

Following this, fans were treated to another story where Dunne, in her real-life persona, poses with a pack of Jensen's gummies, further cementing this significant endorsement deal.

Dunne Prepares for NCAA Finals

December is a crucial time for college gymnasts as they intensify their preparations for the NCAA Finals in January.

Dunne, a senior at LSU, is a central figure in these preparations, and her training regime is in full swing as she aims for success in the upcoming championship in Fort Worth, TX. The anticipation is high for LSU's first formal competition of the season, scheduled for January 5 against Ohio State University.

The Tigers, led by Dunne, are looking to build on their impressive performance from the 2023 season, where they secured a fourth-place national finish with a score of 197.525 in the NCAA Championship Final. A photo recently shared by Dunne showcases her extraordinary athletic form and commitment to the sport.

Captured from a low angle, the image highlights her elegance and strength as she practices on the beam, a testament to her dedication and skill. Olivia Dunne's success extends beyond the gymnastics arena. With her net worth estimated at around $2.3 million based on her 2022 earnings, she stands as a significant figure in NCAA sports.

Following the NCAA's approval of the new NIL policy in July 2021, which allows student-athletes to engage in sponsorship deals, Dunne's financial prospects continue to rise, solidifying her status as one of the highest-paid female athletes in NCAA history.

Her journey from athlete to celebrity encapsulates the evolving landscape of college sports, where talent and marketability converge. As Dunne continues to balance her athletic commitments with her burgeoning brand partnerships, she remains a symbol of the modern student-athlete, adept at navigating both the sporting and commercial realms.