Dallas Keuchel's $2.14 Million Mansion with Wet Bars in Cubs Country

Dallas Keuchel's Career Journey Takes a New Turn

by Nouman Rasool
Dallas Keuchel's $2.14 Million Mansion with Wet Bars in Cubs Country
© Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Dallas Keuchel, a once-dominant force in Major League Baseball, is navigating through the twilight of his illustrious career. With twelve seasons under his belt, Keuchel is best known for his strategic and controlled approach to pitching.

The Oklahoma native's journey began with the Houston Astros, where he spent seven fruitful years. Keuchel's pinnacle came in 2015, marked by a stellar 20-8 record, a 2.48 ERA over a league-leading 232 innings, and an impressive 1.017 WHIP - the best in the league.

His prowess continued into 2017, contributing significantly to the Astros' World Series victory. Keuchel's famous words at the Astros Championship Rally, "Houston, what the hell took us so long to win a World Series," still resonate with fans.

Keuchel's Chicago Transition

However, post-2017, Keuchel's trajectory shifted. His contract with the Astros concluded in 2018, leading to a brief stint with the Atlanta Braves in 2019. At 31, he signed a lucrative three-year, $55.5 million deal with the Chicago White Sox.

Keuchel's Chicago chapter began with a $2.14 million home purchase in the upscale Lakeview area, near Wrigley Field. The five-bedroom house, though not as opulent as those of some MLB stars, boasted a simple, elegant design, reflecting a homey ambiance.

Keuchel's tenure with the White Sox, however, didn't mirror his earlier successes. The 2020 season, cut short by global events, saw his ERA spike from 1.99 to 5.28 by 2021. In 2022, his ERA further escalated to 7.88 after eight starts, leading to his release in May.

As 2024 approaches, retirement looms as a distinct possibility for Keuchel. His performance with the Minnesota Twins in 2023 was far from his best, ending the season with a 5.97 ERA over ten appearances. His ongoing status in free agency speaks to the challenging road ahead.

Keuchel's early career achievements remain notable, but the current landscape suggests a dwindling likelihood of him receiving new offers from teams. Whether he has sold his Chicago home is unknown, but it stands as a serene retreat, should retirement be his next step.

For Keuchel, a pitcher once at the pinnacle of baseball, the future holds uncertainty. His story, a blend of triumph and challenge, reflects the unpredictable nature of sports careers and the ever-changing tides of professional baseball.