Angels Trade for Former Gold Glover from NL Contender

Angels Revamp Roster in Latest MLB Trade Move.

by Nouman Rasool
Angels Trade for Former Gold Glover from NL Contender
© Steph Chambers/Getty Images

In a move that adds depth and intrigue to their roster, the Los Angeles Angels have acquired former Gold Glove first baseman Evan White from the Atlanta Braves, as reported by ESPN's Jeff Passan. This trade, happening amidst the anticipation of Shohei Ohtani's impending decision, sees the Angels also gaining left-handed minor league pitcher Tyler Thomas, while parting ways with infielder David Fletcher and catcher Max Stassi.

Evan White, 27, is a notable addition for the Angels. His career launched impressively with a Gold Glove Award during his rookie season with the Seattle Mariners in 2020. However, the subsequent years have been challenging for White, marred by injuries and a downturn in batting performance.

Despite these setbacks, his defensive prowess remains a significant asset. Tyler Thomas, also 27, is a promising talent joining the Angels. Although he is awaiting his Major League Baseball debut, Thomas has amassed substantial experience in the minor leagues.

His impressive 2.86 ERA over 24 relief appearances last season indicates potential for future impact at the major league level.

Angels' Strategic Departures

The Angels, in this trade, bid farewell to David Fletcher and Max Stassi.

Fletcher, 29, had seen his role with the Angels diminish, especially with the rise of young star Zach Neto and former Silver Slugger Award winner Brandon Drury in the infield. Stassi, 32, brings a solid defensive skill set as a catcher, but his absence in the last season due to personal reasons, combined with the emergence of 23-year-old catcher Logan O’Hoppe, made him expendable in the Angels' strategy.

For the Braves, this trade represents strategic roster adjustments. While they are not expected to retain Stassi, given their strong catching duo of Sean Murphy and Travis d’Arnaud, the acquisition of Fletcher could bolster their infield options.

The Braves have been active in the trade market, as evidenced by their recent dealings with another AL West team, signaling a proactive approach to their roster construction as they prepare for the upcoming season. This trade exemplifies the dynamic nature of Major League Baseball, where teams continually strategize and reconfigure in pursuit of the perfect team balance, keeping fans and analysts on their toes with each surprising move.