Blue Jays Eye Big Trades for Soto, Alonso Amid Ohtani Doubts

Exploring Roster Enhancements, Blue Jays Eye Potential Trades

by Nouman Rasool
Blue Jays Eye Big Trades for Soto, Alonso Amid Ohtani Doubts
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As the Toronto Blue Jays navigate the 2023 offseason, their strategy reveals a keen focus on reinforcing their lineup, with attention turning to potential trades in light of uncertainties surrounding Shohei Ohtani. In preparation for what could be one of the most pivotal winter meetings in Major League Baseball history, the Blue Jays are reportedly setting their sights on left field and third base enhancements.

The Blue Birds' approach to the free agency market this season indicates a lesson learned from past experiences. They are not just participating; they are strategically positioning themselves to convert opportunities into tangible roster improvements.

Among the notable targets for potential trades are Juan Soto and Mike Trout, alongside other prominent names in the league. This proactive strategy is particularly astute given the current frenzy around Shohei Ohtani, arguably the most coveted player this season.

According to The Athletic, Ohtani's deal is expected to create a “seismic shift” in the league. With high stakes and intense competition for Ohtani, the Blue Jays’ alternative plans exhibit foresight and prudence.

Strategic Trade Opportunities

The team's current roster vacancies, particularly in left field and third base, are areas of concern. However, the Blue Jays are not limited to free agency signings to fill these gaps. The possibility of trades with teams experiencing downturns in performance or financial challenges presents a viable route to strengthening their lineup.

Juan Soto emerges as a prime trade prospect under these circumstances. His current team, the Padres, has been grappling with fiscal issues, making Soto an attractive option for the Blue Jays. His addition could address the left fielder position while bolstering the team's offensive capabilities.

The Blue Jays, with a projected payroll of $188 million for the upcoming season, have some financial leeway. After coming off a $214 million payroll, the team has approximately $26 million available. This financial flexibility could facilitate the acquisition of high-caliber players like Soto, whose $33 million price tag is within reach, or other stars like Mike Trout and Pete Alonso.

Mike Trout's situation with the Angels is particularly intriguing. If the Angels commit to re-signing Ohtani, they may need to adjust their payroll, potentially leading to Trout's availability for trade. Trout's addition would significantly enhance the Blue Jays' batting lineup.

Pete Alonso, another potential target, has a year left before free agency. Despite this, his current team, the Mets, might consider trade offers. Bringing Alonso into the fold could provide the Blue Jays with the offensive firepower they have been seeking.

The Toronto Blue Jays strategize for the 2024 season, their focus on trade options like Juan Soto, Mike Trout, and Pete Alonso, amidst the uncertainty surrounding Shohei Ohtani, showcases a well-considered approach to building a competitive and formidable team.

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