The Mets Sign Austin Adams to Split Contract: A Strategic Move

Expanding the bullpen, Mets unveil a shrewd acquisition.

by Nouman Rasool
The Mets Sign Austin Adams to Split Contract: A Strategic Move
© Chris Coduto/Getty Images

"The New York Mets have strategically expanded their pitching roster by acquiring Austin Adams, sparking diverse reactions among fans. Adams, known for his record-breaking 24 hit batters in 2021, brings a unique element to the team.

Initially, his signing raised eyebrows due to the structure of the contract—a major league deal with no guaranteed salary. However, a deeper look reveals a shrewd move by the Mets. The contract is structured as a 'split' agreement, with varying salaries contingent on whether Adams competes in the majors or minors.

While unusual, such arrangements are not unprecedented in baseball. This approach allows for strategic roster management and financial flexibility, offering a calculated risk for both player and team. Such deals are integral to building a robust team, especially when considering depth players.

The Mets have previously adopted this approach, as seen with Danny Mendick last year. Mendick, who had minor league options, was a strategic addition, allowing the Mets to maneuver him between the majors and minors as needed.

Similarly, past seasons saw the Mets signing veterans like Chasen Shreve and Tommy Hunter to minor league contracts, though those moves didn't pan out as hoped.

Adams: Strategic Flexibility

Adams' signing, initially perceived as a liability due to his lack of minor league options, turns out to be a clever move.

It offers the Mets the flexibility to manage their bullpen without the pressure of a fully guaranteed major league contract. This approach is particularly vital for a team like the Mets, who can't fill their bullpen exclusively with top-tier players.

General Manager David Stearns' strategy deserves recognition. The Mets are known for signing players coming off less-than-stellar seasons but with potential for improvement. While the Adams acquisition might not be groundbreaking, it demonstrates the Mets' creativity and tactical thinking in team building.

The split contract with Adams is a testament to the Mets' ability to make thoughtful, low-risk moves that could yield high rewards."