MLB Analyst Hails Cardinals' Sonny Gray Deal

Cardinals Boost Rotation with Sonny Gray's Anticipated Arrival

by Nouman Rasool
MLB Analyst Hails Cardinals' Sonny Gray Deal
© Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

As the Major League Baseball world buzzes with activity, the St. Louis Cardinals are set to make a significant splash in their roster. Reports have emerged that a deal is nearing completion between the Cardinals and star pitcher Sonny Gray.

The agreement, expected to be finalized on Monday, is projected to be a lucrative one, with Gray slated to receive $75 million over a three-year span. At 34, Gray has shown no signs of slowing down. His 2023 season was particularly impressive, where he achieved an 8-8 record and boasted a 2.79 ERA across 32 starts, marking a personal best.

His performance in the Wild Card Series was pivotal, especially noted for his five shutout innings against the Toronto Blue Jays, which was instrumental in propelling the Minnesota Twins to their first playoff series victory since 2004.

The conclusion of Gray's five-year tenure with the Twins made him a free agent, opening the door for the Cardinals to make their move. St. Louis, having made a few controversial decisions in their pitching lineup, has now set its sights on Gray, a move that is already receiving acclaim from MLB analysts.

Scruggs Praises Gray Signing

Xavier Scruggs, a former MLB player and current analyst, called into MLB Network Radio and expressed his views on the Cardinals' acquisition of Gray. He labeled it as “one of the most underrated moves” the team could make this season.

This sentiment comes in the wake of the Cardinals signing veteran pitchers Lance Lynn and Kyle Gibson, both 36, earlier this month. While Lynn and Gibson's recent performances have been lackluster, Gray's addition is seen as a revitalizing force for the Cardinals' rotation.

The Cardinals' need for pitching strength is underscored by their recent struggles. Last season, they finished with a 71-91 record, marking their first last-place divisional finish since 1990. Furthermore, they recorded one of the lowest numbers of quality starts in the league.

With division rivals like the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates bolstering their pitching rosters, Gray's potential addition could prove to be a significant competitive edge for St. Louis. In 2023, Gray not only finished second in the AL Cy Young voting but also entered the MVP conversation.

His move to St. Louis is anticipated to be a multi-year deal, offering Cardinals fans a promising outlook as Gray continues to peak in his career. This signing is seen as a strategic and perhaps transformative decision for a team aiming to climb back to the top.