A Franmil Reyes-Guardians Reunion: A Sensible Move?

Guardians' Roster Challenges Intensify Amidst Potential Changes.

by Zain ul Abedin
A Franmil Reyes-Guardians Reunion: A Sensible Move?
© Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Guardians, in their quest to enhance their roster this offseason, are in dire need of a power hitter. A familiar face, Franmil Reyes, who once showcased his home run prowess at Progressive Field, is now hinting at a potential return, stirring excitement among fans and speculation within the MLB community.

Reyes, affectionately known as "The Franimal" during his tenure with the Guardians, recently sparked intrigue with an Instagram post showing him back on the field in Cleveland. Accompanied by a caption suggesting divine intervention, it's clear Reyes is eyeing a major league comeback.

The question at the forefront: Is Franmil Reyes the missing piece in the Guardians' lineup puzzle? His track record suggests he could be. In 2021, Reyes was a formidable force, slamming 30 homers and boasting an OPS+ of 128, epitomizing the elite hitter that the Guardians currently lack.

If Reyes can recapture that magic, he would undeniably bolster Cleveland's offensive capabilities. At 28, Reyes still has the potential to reignite his career. However, recent performances cast a shadow of doubt. His brief 2023 stint with the Kansas City Royals was lackluster – a .186 batting average and a .231 OBP in 19 games.

Moreover, Reyes' susceptibility to strikeouts, a consistent challenge in his career, was glaringly apparent with the Royals, where his strikeout percentage soared to 36.9%.

Positioning Dilemma for Reyes

The Guardians also face a strategic conundrum regarding Reyes' positioning.

With Josh Naylor and the promising Kyle Manzardo potentially forming a first baseman and designated hitter tandem in 2024, there's little room for Reyes in these roles. Although Reyes has outfield experience, his defensive metrics are less than encouraging, marked by a -12 run value in his outfield career, according to Baseball Savant.

There's a sentiment among fans and analysts alike that seeing Reyes back with a minor-league contract or a Spring Training invitation would be a heartwarming, albeit pragmatic, approach. Such a move would offer Reyes a chance to defy expectations and reclaim his stature as a power hitter.

Yet, extending beyond a low-risk engagement might not align with the Guardians' strategic interests. Reyes' potential return to Progressive Field is a tantalizing prospect, but it's one fraught with questions about fit, form, and feasibility.

As the Guardians weigh their options, the baseball world watches with bated breath, wondering if a reunion with Reyes is indeed a sensible strategy or a nostalgic gamble.