Rodriguez & Lopez's Separate Thanksgivings: A Look Back at Their First

Reflecting on a Past Thanksgiving with J-Rod.

by Nouman Rasool
Rodriguez & Lopez's Separate Thanksgivings: A Look Back at Their First
© Nick Laham/Getty Images

In the realm of high-profile, the saga of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, affectionately known as J-Rod, has always captivated the media's attention. Although it's been two years since the couple formally announced their separation, ending a four-year whirlwind romance, their story continues to fascinate.

As Thanksgiving rolls around, it's a poignant time to look back at their once-shared celebrations, a blend of Hollywood glamour and sports world fame.

J-Rod's 2019 Thanksgiving

Today, Lopez and Rodriguez mark the holiday separately, as their social media updates reveal.

However, there was a time when they celebrated as a family. In 2019, the couple, along with Rodriguez's daughters, then 11 and 15, were the picture of holiday joy. According to a past Fox News article, the ‘Baila Conmigo’ singer and the baseball legend fully embraced the Thanksgiving spirit, sharing photos of a family full of smiles and a festive feast.

The duo, during their relationship, often made headlines, culminating in a much-publicized engagement. Rodriguez's Instagram was a testament to their love, filled with heartfelt messages. Despite their strong bond, they eventually parted ways, each finding new paths in life.

As of 2023, Rodriguez has moved on with health guru Jaclyn Cordeiro, while also co-parenting his daughters with his ex-wife, Cynthia Scrutis. His Instagram updates frequently showcase the harmonious dynamics within his family.

Meanwhile, Lopez has rekindled her romance with former beau Ben Affleck, now fondly referred to as ‘Bennifer 2.0’. This Thanksgiving, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez showcased their unique ways of expressing gratitude.

Rodriguez, who has impressively transformed his health, issued a fitness challenge to his social media followers, emphasizing the importance of staying active. His journey towards better health is inspiring, and he used this holiday as an opportunity to motivate others.

On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez took to social media to share an elegant photograph of herself in sophisticated beige attire, subtly promoting her cocktail brand, Delola. She further enriched her Thanksgiving message with a touching video montage, accompanied by her song ‘The One’ (version 2), highlighting the significant people in her life.

Reflecting on their past as a couple and looking at their current individual paths, it's evident that Rodriguez and Lopez have gracefully moved on to new chapters in their lives. Their distinct Thanksgiving celebrations this year were a testament to their personal growth and the new directions they have embraced, each marked by gratitude and their own distinct style.