Seasoned Infielder Traded for Third Time

Toro's journey takes a new turn with Oakland trade.

by Nouman Rasool
Seasoned Infielder Traded for Third Time
© Cole Burston/Getty Images

In a significant move for both teams, the Oakland Athletics have acquired infielder Abraham Toro from the Milwaukee Brewers. The deal, confirmed by team announcements, also sees minor league pitcher Chad Patrick heading to Milwaukee.

This trade marks Toro's third shift in his professional baseball journey, reflecting the dynamic nature of the sport's player market. Abraham Toro, who turns 27 next month, brings with him a history of high expectations and fluctuating performances.

Initially drafted by the Houston Astros, Toro was later involved in a pivotal trade with the Seattle Mariners during the 2021 deadline for Kendall Graveman. However, his tenure with the Mariners was marked by inconsistent offensive outputs, evidenced by his .213/.276/.342 batting lines across approximately 605 plate appearances through the end of the 2022 season.

The Mariners' quest for an upgrade at second base led to Toro, alongside Jesse Winker, being traded to Milwaukee in exchange for Kolten Wong. However, this arrangement didn't pan out as expected. Wong was released by August, Winker struggled significantly, and Toro had limited opportunities with the Brewers, appearing in just nine MLB games.

Toro's Promising Nashville Stint

Toro spent much of the season with Milwaukee’s Triple-A team in Nashville, showcasing promising skills. His .291/.374/.471 batting line over 414 plate appearances, complemented by a commendable home run count and walk rate, highlighted his potential.

Despite these performances, Milwaukee favored other options for their infield positions, limiting Toro's MLB appearances and making him a potential non-tender candidate, given his projected $1.3M arbitration salary. The Athletics, on the other hand, see Toro as a valuable addition.

With vacancies in their infield and the need to rebuild, Oakland is poised to provide Toro with ample opportunities. Their infield, especially the third base slot, has struggled, with a combined batting line of .192/.271/.285.

Toro’s solid minor league record and eligibility for arbitration through 2026 present Oakland with a low-risk, potentially high-reward scenario. This trade primarily serves to clear a roster spot and manage projected salaries for Milwaukee.

In return, they acquire Chad Patrick, a mid-tier pitching prospect. Patrick, a former fourth-round pick, has shown potential in the upper minors despite a 5.59 ERA over 124 innings. With his eligibility for the Rule 5 draft deferred to the next offseason, Milwaukee can utilize him as a non-roster rotation depth in Nashville.

This trade illustrates the ongoing strategic shifts within MLB, as teams continuously assess and realign their rosters in pursuit of the optimal balance between emerging talent and experienced players. Abraham Toro’s move to Oakland could be a pivotal chapter in his career, offering him a fresh start and the A's a chance to rejuvenate their infield dynamics.