Buddy Lewis: From Baseball Legend to War Hero

Exploring the Dual Legacy of a Remarkable American Icon.

by Nouman Rasool
Buddy Lewis: From Baseball Legend to War Hero
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In the annals of American sports and military history, few names resonate with the courage and versatility of Buddy Lewis, a baseball virtuoso turned World War II hero. Best known for his stint with the Washington Senators from 1935 to 1949, Lewis's journey is a compelling tapestry of athletic brilliance and wartime bravery.

Before his military service, Lewis was a baseball luminary, a five-tool player who could hit with power, run, field, and throw with remarkable proficiency. His .297 career batting average and three All-Star Game selections only skim the surface of his prowess on the baseball diamond.

In 2010, the Washington Nationals immortalized his contribution to the sport, inducting him into their Ring of Honor.

Wartime Valor Aloft

However, Lewis's legacy transcends baseball. During World War II, he served as a transport pilot in the China-Burma-India theater, navigating the treacherous Himalayan passage known as 'The Hump.'

Over 400 missions, he braved inclement weather, enemy assaults, and mechanical failures to deliver crucial supplies to Allied forces. His encounters with General Claire Chennault and his unique survival strategy involving a cake of cocaine in his pocket add intriguing chapters to his storied career.

Lewis was decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters, and the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with four bronze stars for his gallantry. Reflecting on his service, Lewis once confessed to the harrowing fears he faced flying over The Hump, underscoring the dangerous nature of his missions.

Post-war, Lewis rejoined baseball, playing until a back injury led to his retirement in 1949. His subsequent endeavors as a car dealership president and philanthropist further underscored his multifaceted personality. Remembered for his generosity and mentorship, Lewis indelibly impacted his community and family.

Buddy Lewis Jr., at his father's 2011 funeral, encapsulated the essence of Lewis's life: a blend of legendary skill, humble grace, and unwavering dedication to family, country, and sport. Buddy Lewis, passing away at 94, left a legacy as a true American hero, a testament to courage and character both on the field and in the skies of World War II.

His story, a captivating narrative of sporting excellence and military heroism, inspires and resonates across generations.