10 MLB Players Eyeing $100M Deals in 2023-24 Free Agency


10 MLB Players Eyeing $100M Deals in 2023-24 Free Agency
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Major League Baseball's 2023-24 free agency is already shaping up to be one of the most electrifying in recent memory, with unprecedented contract predictions sending waves through the sport's financial landscape. Industry experts are eyeing a distinguished list of players, from established stars like Juan Soto to promising newcomers such as Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who are poised to command contracts north of $100 million.

Juan Soto, previously with the Washington Nationals, is making headlines after declining a massive $440 million extension. Now with the San Diego Padres, he's considered a prime candidate for a high-value contract, given his robust .275 batting average and .410 on-base percentage (OBP).

Teams like the New York Yankees and San Francisco Giants are reportedly in the mix for Soto, recognizing the value he brings to the field.

Ohtani and Bellinger: Big-Contract Buzz

Conversely, Shohei Ohtani's two-way prowess has stirred predictions of a contract that could exceed $500 million.

Despite an elbow surgery, Ohtani's .412 OBP and 44 home runs validate his superstar status, making him a coveted asset for teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets. Cody Bellinger, with his 111 homers and career .829 OPS, has reportedly turned down a $25 million option with the Chicago Cubs, fueling speculation about his next big contract.

His performance, including 153 hits and 97 RBIs, suggests he's in line for a significant payday, possibly from the Yankees or his former team, the Dodgers. Pete Alonso of the New York Mets also finds himself at a career crossroads, with the potential for a $130 million-plus deal as he approaches free agency.

Alonso's impressive 192 home runs and 498 RBIs make him an attractive prospect for teams like the Cubs and Seattle Mariners. Pitcher Jordan Montgomery, known as "Gumby," has outperformed expectations and is considered a strong candidate for a lucrative five-year contract around $106 million, with teams like the Rangers showing interest.

Aaron Nola, with over 202 strikeouts, is looking at a possible $200 million deal as he enters free agency. Blake Snell, a former Cy Young Award winner, and Corbin Burnes, with his impressive strikeout record and strong pitching statistics, are also in the running for contracts that could far exceed their current earnings.

Meanwhile, veteran Clayton Kershaw, despite health concerns, remains a pivotal figure, with a potential comeback contract in the works following his shoulder surgery. With such dynamic shifts on the horizon, fans and analysts alike are eager to see which franchises will land these top talents and how the moves will reshape team dynamics for the upcoming seasons.

The stakes are high, and the MLB free agency period is set to be a activity, with strategic signings that will likely impact the league's competitive balance for years to come.