Are the Texas Rangers Gaining Enough Respect in MLB Power Rankings?

Texas Rangers Showcase Exceptional Talent in Recent Victories.

by Zain ul Abedin
Are the Texas Rangers Gaining Enough Respect in MLB Power Rankings?
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The Texas Rangers' remarkable journey to their first-ever World Series triumph this month has been the talk of the baseball world. However, this milestone achievement seemed to fall just short of ultimately swaying the opinions of's expert panel in the latest 2024 power rankings.

Despite their historic World Series win against the Arizona Diamondbacks in a decisive five-game series, the Rangers have been placed second in these rankings. The Atlanta Braves, surprisingly ousted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the NL Division Series, are at the pinnacle of the list yet still maintaining the top spot.

This decision by's panel of 11 seasoned writers underscores the competitive nature of Major League Baseball, where even a World Series title doesn't guarantee the number one ranking. The Rangers' ascent is nothing short of a baseball fairytale.

From grappling with a 100-loss season to clinching the World Series in just two years, their story is a testament to resilience and strategic insight. The blend of experienced players and emerging talent is critical to their success.

Max Scherzer, the renowned pitcher expected to be at full strength by Spring Training, and a batting order that rivals any in the Majors have been instrumental in the Rangers' turnaround.

Rangers' Elite Performance

The team's offensive prowess was further highlighted by Marcus Semien and Corey Seager, both earning Silver Slugger awards, with the entire team being honoured with the first team Silver Slugger award.

Defensively, the Rangers are just as formidable, boasting three Gold Glove winners - Nathaniel Lowe, Jonah Heim, and Adolis García, the latter also named the American League Championship Series MVP. Looking ahead to 2024, the Rangers are poised to integrate young talents like outfielder Evan Carter and third baseman Josh Jung, whose rookie season was cut short due to injury but showed immense promise.

Their contributions will be vital as the Rangers aim to build on their recent success. The's power rankings reflect the competitive landscape of the league, with teams like Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Tampa Bay rounding out the top five.

The Rangers have dominated these teams in the playoffs and regular season matchups. As the new season approaches, the Rangers, armed with a blend of seasoned veterans and exciting young talent, are well-positioned to defend their title and perhaps, in the process, climb to the top of the MLB power rankings.

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