Can the Diamondbacks Win the World Series? MLB Analyst Says, 'No Way They Lose!'


Can the Diamondbacks Win the World Series? MLB Analyst Says, 'No Way They Lose!'
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At the outset of the 2023 MLB season, no one could have foreseen the Arizona Diamondbacks hoisting the NL Pennant, let alone emerging as the frontrunners for the World Series title. They finished the regular season with 84 wins, sharing the dubious distinction of the worst record in the NL playoff bracket with the Marlins.

However, as every baseball enthusiast knows, the postseason is an entirely different ballgame. As the Diamondbacks prepare to face the formidable Texas Rangers in Game 1 of the 2023 World Series, the odds might seem stacked against them on paper.

Yet, the Diamondbacks have defied expectations throughout this October, prompting some analysts to think twice before underestimating their capabilities. Barstool Carl, a seasoned analyst, shared his optimism about the Diamondbacks' chances during a recent appearance on the Barstool Baseball podcast, emphatically stating, "I can't see a world where the Diamondbacks lose the series.

They are too h*t right now."

Ketel Marte's Playoff Streak

One of the key contributors to the Diamondbacks' remarkable postseason journey has been second baseman Ketel Marte, riding a remarkable 16-game hitting streak as of Game 7.

Should he extend this streak, he could surpass legendary names like Derek Jeter, Manny Ramirez, and Hank Bauer, all of whom hold 17-game playoff hitting streak records. The Diamondbacks' playoff saga began with an impressive sweep of the Milwaukee Brewers, the champions of the NL Central.

They then faced the 100-win Los Angeles Dodgers and outscored them 19-6 over three games, dealing ace Clayton Kershaw one of his worst postseason starts by scoring six runs before the second out of the game. After their thrilling come-from-behind victory against the Phillies in the NLCS, the Diamondbacks' prospects of toppling the Texas Rangers in the World Series appear stronger than ever.

Although both teams face a formidable challenge, the Diamondbacks currently ride the wave of momentum. A Diamondbacks' victory would represent the ultimate underdog story. With just 84 regular season wins, they have only one more victory than the 2006 St.

Louis Cardinals, the previous worst-performing regular season team to win the World Series. Facing a Rangers team boasting potent hitters and exceptional pitchers, an Arizona win would cap off one of the most thrilling playoff journeys in recent memory.

As they head into the World Series, the Diamondbacks aim to etch their names in baseball history as the ultimate Cinderella team of 2023.