MLB Stars' Worst Injuries Ever!


MLB Stars' Worst Injuries Ever!
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Injuries are an inevitable part of professional sports, and Major League Baseball (MLB) is no exception. Throughout its rich history, many baseball stars have been affected by injuries that have had a significant impact on their careers and the history of the game.

Let's look at some of the worst injuries that have affected MLB stars over the years. An injury that has become legendary in MLB history is the one suffered by Lou Gehrig, known as Gehrig's Disease. During his career with the New York Yankees, Gehrig set several records, including most consecutive games played (2,130).

However, in 1938, he began to show signs of weakness and his physical prowess declined dramatically. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a degenerative disease that leads to muscle paralysis.

The injury ended his career, and Gehrig died two years later. Another injury that attracted a lot of attention was the one suffered by Tony Conigliaro of the Boston Red Sox in 1967. Conigliaro was a young talent with incredible hitting power.

However, in a game against the California Angels, he was hit in the face by a fastball and suffered serious facial damage. Despite numerous surgeries, Conigliaro was never able to fully recover and his career was seriously compromised.

Although he made a return to the MLB, he was never able to match his pre-injury performance.

MLB Stars' Worst Injuries Ever!

The injury of Mickey Mantle, one of the biggest stars in the history of the New York Yankees, is another sad episode.

In 1951, Mantle was injured during a playoff game against the Indians. Running towards a ball in flight, the young man suffered a knee injury that led to problems throughout his career. Despite this, Mantle still managed to excel in the game, setting many records, but one can only imagine what he could have achieved without the constant battle with injury.

A story of injury and perseverance is that of Dave Dravecky. In 1988, Dravecky was a successful pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. However, during a return game from a previous arm injury, his right humerus broke during a throw.

He was a shocking image for all present. After a long struggle to return to baseball, Dravecky succeeded in doing so in 1989, but his health problems continued. In 1990, during another match, his shoulder broke and he had to have his arm amputated due to cancer that had previously been caused by radiotherapy.

Dravecky faced this difficult situation with courage and became an inspiration to many. These are just a few examples of the worst injuries that have affected MLB stars throughout its history. Each of these episodes had a significant impact on the careers of the players involved and the history of the game itself.

However, they also demonstrated the resilience and determination of the players in trying to overcome such challenges and continue their love of baseball.