Cardinals' Star Teams Up with Angels' Ohtani for 24-Hour Wish Event


Cardinals' Star Teams Up with Angels' Ohtani for 24-Hour Wish Event
Cardinals' Star Teams Up with Angels' Ohtani for 24-Hour Wish Event © Michael Reaves/Getty Images

St. Louis Cardinals standout Lars Nootbaar recently made an appearance on MLB Japan's popular talk show, where he engaged with fans in a Q&A session. When posed with the intriguing question of which baseball player he'd choose to be for a day, Nootbaar didn't hesitate to express his admiration for his close friend and formidable player, Shohei Ohtani.

This public admiration comes on the heels of another touching moment between the two stars: Ohtani had recently gifted Nootbaar a sentimental keepsake, a testament to the burgeoning friendship between the athletes. In his response on the talk show, Nootbaar lauded Ohtani's extraordinary skills, saying, "I'd love to experience what it's like to throw a ball at 100 miles per hour and hit it 500 feet.

Ohtani is the epitome of greatness in the major leagues, and that's the level I aspire to reach."

Nootbaar Inspired by Ohtani

Ohtani, who achieved his 150th home run in an Angels vs. Royals game last June, exemplifies the kind of player Nootbaar aims to become.

Specifically, Nootbaar cited Ohtani's jaw-dropping 107-mph hit against Campbell, his 40th home run of the season. Nootbaar himself has also been turning heads with his impressive .282 batting average this year. The pair's friendship ignited during the World Baseball Classic, where they collaborated on 17 hits and accrued 12 RBIs.

Fascinatingly, Ohtani was already a favorite of Nootbaar's mother before the two athletes had even met. The friendship solidified when Nootbaar invited Ohtani for a meal, a gesture that has led to a relationship baseball fans have wholeheartedly embraced.

The alliance between Nootbaar and Ohtani underscores the beauty of shared passion in sports. Their mutual respect not only enhances their personal relationship but also promises exciting performances for fans who eagerly anticipate their next on-field collaborations.

Stay tuned for more incredible moments from this dynamic duo, as they continue to make headlines and captivate the baseball world.

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