Alek Thomas Optimistic: Diamondbacks Can Rally, Have Overcome Challenges Before

Dbacks Face Adversity with a Glimmer of Hope Shining.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Alek Thomas Optimistic: Diamondbacks Can Rally, Have Overcome Challenges Before
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The Arizona Diamondbacks find themselves in a precarious position as they stare down the possibility of elimination in the NLCS, having succumbed to a disappointing loss in Game 5 against the formidable Philadelphia Phillies.

However, outfielder Alek Thomas remains unwavering in his belief that his team possesses the resilience required to stage a comeback. In what marks his inaugural full season in the MLB, the 23-year-old Thomas, who made his debut in May of the preceding year, has established himself as a critical component of the Diamondbacks' success, particularly evident in this series.

His stellar performance is all the more impressive considering his lineage, being the progeny of Allen Thomas, the erstwhile Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Chicago White Sox, a position he held from 1995 until 2022.

Thomas: A Shining Force

Thomas' pivotal two-run, game-tying home run during the eighth inning of Game 4 injected a surge of momentum into the Dbacks, propelling them to a victory that seemed elusive. His prowess was on display once again on Saturday, as he emerged as the solitary beacon of brilliance amidst an otherwise lackluster offensive display by Arizona.

His home run in the seventh innings cut down the Phillies' lead, but the dearth of support from his teammates meant that the Dbacks ultimately fell short. Undeterred by the setback, Thomas exudes optimism as the series heads back to Philadelphia for the concluding two games.

"All the confidence in the world. I think we always believe in ourselves since day 1 so this isn't anything new for us. We have been in this situation before where we have been down in the regular season. I know it's going to be tough two games in Philly but I believe in these guys and we're never gonna give up," he reflected post-game, in a statement to Arizona Sports.

Drawing parallels to their 2003 World Series comeback, the Diamondbacks are now tasked with replicating their historic feat from their fourth year in the MLB, where they overturned a 3-2 deficit against the New York Yankees dynasty to clinch the championship.

Twenty years on, the team is once again called upon to summon that championship spirit and chart their course to a second-ever appearance in the World Series.