Is 2024 Cursed? Woodruff's Surgery Shocks Brewers Fans!


Is 2024 Cursed? Woodruff's Surgery Shocks Brewers Fans!
Is 2024 Cursed? Woodruff's Surgery Shocks Brewers Fans! © Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

In a somber announcement, the Milwaukee Brewers disclosed that ace right-handed pitcher, Brandon Woodruff, has undergone a critical surgery on his right shoulder. This surgical intervention means he is anticipated to be benched for most of the upcoming 2024 season, casting a shadow on the team's prospects.

This setback was not unforeseen for close followers of the Brewers. Brandon was conspicuously absent from the playoffs roster, having grappled with shoulder issues throughout the current season. Specifically, the pitcher had surgery on the anterior capsule of his right shoulder, a major procedure that seriously jeopardizes his chances of participating in the 2024 season, leaving fans in Milwaukee disheartened.

Woodruff's Stellar RiseWoodruff's Stellar Rise

Brandon Woodruff's journey with the Brewers started back in 2014 when he was picked during the MLB draft. By 2017, he showcased his prowess, making his major league debut. Recognized for his talent, Woodruff earned spots on the All-Star team twice, first in 2019 and again in 2021.

He was an undeniable cornerstone for the Brewers’ rotation. 2023, however, painted a different picture. Despite kicking off the season with stellar performances, he soon found himself on the injured list due to a troubling strain.

Though he made a brief comeback in August, logging nine appearances, the persistent shoulder problem meant he couldn't contribute during the postseason. The Brewers' recent announcement confirming the surgery set social media ablaze with dejected fans pouring out their emotions.

Echoing the sentiment of many, one fan lamented, "We are cursed," while another shared, "Hollow is how I feel." The prevailing question now circles around Woodruff's future with the Brewers, specifically considering their frugal spending habits in the MLB.

Historically, the team has traded away high-salaried players. Woodruff had locked in a one-year contract for $10.8 million before the 2023 season to avert arbitration, and logic suggested he would be poised for a more lucrative deal come next year.

Yet, with this unexpected turn of events, uncertainty looms large over whether the Brewers will uphold their end of the bargain. Insiders state that the Brewers have a deadline until November 17 to finalize their stance. The baseball community keenly awaits the verdict.