Did Dodgers Fans Really Demand Betts and Freeman Trade After NLDS Shock?


Did Dodgers Fans Really Demand Betts and Freeman Trade After NLDS Shock?
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In an unexpected twist to their postseason journey, the Los Angeles Dodgers, despite a stellar regular season, were cleanly swept by the Arizona Diamondbacks during the NLDS. A large portion of the responsibility has been thrust upon the team's offensive leaders, Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman, who, surprisingly, left little mark on the series.

It's an age-old narrative in sports: when top-tier players falter during crucial moments, they inevitably become the focal point of criticism. Such was the story for Betts and Freeman this postseason. Their combined 1-21 at-bats during the series was a glaring reflection of the Dodgers' struggles, who eked out a mere six runs across the three games against the Diamondbacks.

Betts' Seasonal Brilliance

During the regular season, Betts was a beacon of consistency for the Dodgers. His batting average stood at an impressive .307, accompanied by 39 home runs. Notably, he etched his name in the record books with the highest leadoff RBIs in MLB and the most home runs from that position in Dodgers' history.

Freeman wasn't far behind. With a batting average of .331, he nearly clinched the NL batting title. Moreover, he showcased his prowess as a contact hitter, setting a new record for the Dodgers with the most doubles. His ability to drive home pivotal runs was instrumental throughout the season.

However, their commendable regular-season performance seemed to vanish in the face of the Diamondbacks. In the decisive third game, both Betts and Freeman recorded a disappointing 0-4, leading to a storm of disapproval on social media platforms.

With both players boasting multi-million dollar contracts, fans were quick to express their displeasure. Comments ranged from calling out their "atrocious numbers" to demands for immediate trades. On X (formerly known as Twitter), the criticism was relentless.

After the second game's backlash, Betts had publicly acknowledged the duo's underperformance, stating, "For me and Freddie, that’s kind of our role, and we’re not doing it. I take ownership in that." He had assured fans of a turnaround, a promise that, unfortunately, remained unfulfilled.

This only added to the scrutiny, as Betts' postseason track record has been concerning. His 6-44 record since the Dodgers' 2021 NLCS loss to the Atlanta Braves paints a worrying picture for the team's future outings.

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