Mets Star Alonso Speaks Out Following Showalter's Exit


Mets Star Alonso Speaks Out Following Showalter's Exit
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The Mets community has been in a whirlwind of emotions after Buck Showalter's dismissal from his managerial position. Pete Alonso, one of the team's key figures, reportedly had initial reservations about the decision and allegedly sought a face-to-face with the team's owner, Steve Cohen.

Showalter's exit followed a notably lackluster 2023 season, a stark contrast to their remarkable performance the previous year. Given that Cohen had poured a historic sum into the team's payroll, hopes were high. However, the season proved to be a letdown, casting a shadow over Cohen's investments.

While many were quick to point fingers at Showalter, insiders suggest deeper issues at play within the Mets' locker room. Despite the roster boasting some of the sport's biggest names, cohesion was apparently lacking. A deficit in leadership was evident even in challenging times, potentially prompting Alonso's initial hesitation to back the firing.

Alonso Shifts Stance Amidst Contract Talks

However, there's been a pivot in Alonso's stance, as communicated by his new agent, Scott Boras. Alonso now appears in sync with Cohen's and the Mets' executive decisions. Some speculate this sudden alignment could be a strategic move by Alonso, who is entering the last stretch of his contract with the Mets and may wish to maintain a positive rapport with the team's top brass.

Yet, Alonso's perceived backtracking hasn't sat well with many fans. Reactions on social media suggest growing skepticism about Alonso's future with the Mets. One user commented, "Way too many rumors and speculation. It is a miracle if Pete stays." Another added, "Though I don't blame Alonso. Buck was dealt a bad hand."

In a related development, there are murmurs about Alonso's contract extension with the Mets hitting a roadblock. Amidst a need to trim down the roster and streamline the payroll, the Mets are rumored to be considering trading players with contracts ending post-2024. 

With Alonso's stellar performance at the plate, boasting 46 homers this season, his next contract could easily exceed the $100 million benchmark. While teams like the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers have expressed preliminary interest, Alonso's defensive capabilities (or lack thereof) might become a point of negotiation in any upcoming deals.