Royce Lewis after the victory: "It was the most nervous game"

Minnesota finally broke a long losing streak in the playoffs

by Sededin Dedovic
Royce Lewis after the victory: "It was the most nervous game"
© David Berding / Getty Images

Finally, the Minnesota Twins broke the streak of 18 losses in the playoffs to the general delight of fans who had already become very nervous. They beat the Wild Card Game 1 Toronto Blue Jays 3-1 in a very good game. Minnesota opened the game well at Target Field and deservedly celebrated in the end.

In some moments, the match was quite passive, but all spectators can be satisfied with the game in the end. Minnesota had a great start to the game, the boys were in a great mood and scored two runs in the first innings. Everyone played great, but young rookie Royce Lewis had a really notable performance.

He had a very effective game and had two home runs, to which he added three RBIs. It looks like things are slowly picking up for Minnesota and they have a bright future with their youngsters. After the match, this young player expressed his satisfaction because he made the fans happy and promised that he will continue to try to play as well as possible.

“This atmosphere, truly, like when I tell you it was electric, it brought that electricity into my body,” Lewis said (via “I felt different. My heart was beating -- it was the most nervous game, exciting game I've ever played in my life.

It was so much fun”.

Another good game by Pablo Lopez, he had 5.2 innings

The whole team played excellently and the well-known Pablo Lopez pitched 5.2 innings. His game on the mound was incredible. The Toronto Blue Jays offense was taken by surprise, because whenever they were in scoring position he would strangle that runner.

We are used to good games from him, but this time he was really in a good mood. “The fans have been believing in us for so long,” starter Pablo López said in a post game interaction. “It was just a matter of believing in ourselves and coming to the game, playing loose, understanding that we didn't need to change who we were or our approach, and just go out and have fun. And it was electric, and we embraced it. We were just having fun out there”. (via