Aaron Judge Advocates Change Amidst Disappointing Yankees Season


Aaron Judge Advocates Change Amidst Disappointing Yankees Season
Aaron Judge Advocates Change Amidst Disappointing Yankees Season © Cole Burston/GettyImages

In the wake of a profoundly frustrating season for the New York Yankees, characterized by a conspicuous absence from the postseason and a near brush with their first losing record since 1990, fans and pundits are pondering the responsible parties.

With a stark lack of World Series rings for the fourteenth time since 2009 and the disheartening absence of October baseball in the Bronx for the first time since 2016, it's a season that has left fans clamoring for answers.

However, Yankees' captain, Aaron Judge, opts for a different approach than the blame game. He calls for a comprehensive reevaluation, spanning from the players to the front office and up to the managerial ranks. Instead of calling for the head of manager Aaron Boone, as some Bronx fans might demand, Judge steadfastly defends his leader.

Judge Backs Boone Amidst Criticism

Judge posits that the focus should shift towards providing Boone with a more potent supporting cast. He underscores Boone's dedication by noting that the manager is "in the trenches" with the players every day.

Despite growing calls for Boone's removal, Judge recently elaborated on his unwavering support for the manager. "I’ve been with Boonie here since 2018. I think he’s definitely the right man for the job," Judge expressed to NJ.com.

"He knows his players. He knows how to talk to them. He knows when to push them. He knows when to have those tough conversations. I think it’s just about giving Boonie a good supporting cast, the right type of guys who are going to run through a wall for him." Indeed, the Yankees' roster deficiencies have been evident throughout the season, prompting fans to direct their ire primarily at General Manager Brian Cashman.

It begs the question of how much Boone can achieve with the roster at his disposal if the front office cannot provide him with the necessary tools. With the Yankees missing the playoffs, they have an extended offseason to address their issues.

Judge, who continues to grapple with a troublesome toe injury, plans to utilize the first two weeks of October for rest and recovery. However, he emphasizes that it's back to business after that hiatus, expressing a readiness to work diligently to make the 2024 season a resounding success.

In this atypical offseason for a franchise accustomed to success, the Yankees will undoubtedly confront the need for substantial changes. Judge's commitment to constructive dialogue with the management, where he intends to share his ideas for improvement, adds an intriguing dimension to the impending offseason.

As the Yankees regroup and strategize for the future, Judge remains an unwavering pillar of support for his manager and a beacon of hope for fans yearning for a return to their winning ways.