Los Angeles Angels Open to Mike Trout Trade Talks Amidst Lost Season


Los Angeles Angels Open to Mike Trout Trade Talks Amidst Lost Season
Los Angeles Angels Open to Mike Trout Trade Talks Amidst Lost Season © Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels find themselves in the throes of yet another disheartening season, characterized by a woeful 70-86 record and a premature elimination from postseason contention. In the grander scheme of things, this dismal campaign may go down as one of their worst, with the ominous possibility of losing 90 games looming large for only the second time this century.

The Angels' woes are further exacerbated by the looming departure of their brightest star, Shohei Ohtani, who, despite being the front-runner for the AL MVP title, recently underwent season-ending elbow surgery and appears inclined to explore free agency during the upcoming offseason.

However, another key figure in the Angels' roster, the generational talent Mike Trout, suffered a severe setback in the form of a fractured hamate bone in his left wrist during a fateful swing on July 3. Regrettably, this injury effectively curtailed his season, with a brief return on August 22 followed by an immediate re-entry onto the injured list.

Over the weekend, the Angels officially declared that Trout would not grace the field for the remainder of the season.

Angels' Surprising Trade Openness

Interestingly, earlier this month, reports emerged that the Angels were, for the first time in history, willing to consider trading Trout should he express the desire to move on.

This unexpected openness to trade talks could be attributed to the Angels' dearth of talent, both at the Major League Baseball (MLB) and minor league levels, leaving them teetering on the brink of either a downturn or a full-blown rebuild.

Considering his age, at 32, Trout might be hesitant to endure such a transition period with the team. However, when questioned about his future, the three-time MVP remained tight-lipped but seemingly committed to the franchise: "These are private conversations I have with (owner Arte Moreno and team president John Carpino).

I'm doing the same thing I've done the last 13 years. Going into the offseason, clearing my mind, going into spring wearing an Angels uniform." While Trout's statement might appear unequivocal, it's essential to acknowledge the fluid nature of such decisions.

The offseason provides ample time for contemplation, and Trout's sentiments on September 25 may not necessarily align with his perspective on December 1. Crucially, Trout possesses a full no-trade clause, further solidifying his control over the situation.

His contract, boasting nearly $250 million over the next seven years, narrows down the list of feasible trade partners to only a handful. Although Trout's statistics this season may seem subpar by his own lofty standards, with a batting line of .263/.367/.490 and 18 home runs in 82 games prior to his injury, these numbers would represent a career year for most players.

It is worth noting that Trout's contributions have been hampered by various injuries, limiting his appearances to just 237 out of a possible 486 regular season games over the past three years, translating to a mere 49% participation rate.

As the MLB regular season inches closer to its conclusion, all eyes remain fixed on Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels, waiting with bated breath to see if the superstar's future will be intertwined with the franchise that has been his home for over a decade or if the baseball world will witness a blockbuster trade that could reshape the league's landscape.

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