MLB Insider: $600M Star Ohtani Eyed by Red Sox in Free Agency

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MLB Insider: $600M Star Ohtani Eyed by Red Sox in Free Agency
MLB Insider: $600M Star Ohtani Eyed by Red Sox in Free Agency © Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The 2023 MLB season is still underway, but one topic dominates the headlines: the future of Shohei Ohtani. The sensational Japanese player, admired globally for his unparalleled dual-role skills, stands poised to command the attention of clubs far and wide.

Throughout the season, the baseball grapevine has been alive with whispers regarding where the Los Angeles Angels' prodigious pitcher and designated hitter might take his talents next. A shadow over Ohtani's luminous profile is his recent UCL injury, which raises concerns about his pitching prospects in 2024.

Yet, the baseball circuit is abuzz with speculation that the magnetic talent might still secure a whopping $600 million deal in the forthcoming free agency.

Red Sox Join Ohtani Chase

Top-tier teams such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, New York Mets, and San Diego Padres are often cited as the frontrunners in the race for Ohtani.

However, an intriguing twist has emerged. A trusted National League executive has floated the Boston Red Sox as a potential contender for his signature. One tweet that has garnered attention states: "N.L. Executive familiar with Shohei Ohtani feels he's leaning towards Boston, possibly influenced by his rapport with New Balance CEO Jim Davis.

Red Sox dilemma: Masataka Yoshida's DH role, Ohtani post-TJ likely to DH, Sox budget inclined towards pitching." - @pgammo. This isn't just mere speculation. Ohtani's ties with sportswear giant New Balance, estimated at a cool $5 million, might offer a clue.

With CEO Jim Davis rooted in Brookline, Massachusetts, and deeply connected to the region, this could sway Ohtani's decision. But there's another compelling Boston connection. Outfielder and designated hitter Masataka Yoshida, a fellow Japanese player and close ally of Ohtani's, is already in the Red Sox roster.

Their camaraderie, famously showcased during their stint for Team Japan in the World Baseball Classic, has been a delight for fans, as evinced by tweets like, "Love seeing the Ohtani-Yoshida bromance alive and thriving." - @tylermilliken_.

As the offseason approaches, all spotlights will train on Ohtani's next move. Despite his injury casting some doubts, top-tier franchises will undoubtedly be crafting lucrative pitches for this generational talent.

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