Ohtani Second Tommy John Surgery Threatens 2024 Season: Following in Harper Footsteps


Ohtani Second Tommy John Surgery Threatens 2024 Season: Following in Harper Footsteps
Ohtani Second Tommy John Surgery Threatens 2024 Season: Following in Harper Footsteps © Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In the world of baseball, miracles are not in short supply. From the extraordinary talents of Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani to the powerhouse performances of Bryce Harper with the Philadelphia Phillies, fans have been treated to a spectacle of talent and resilience.

Ohtani's prowess as a two-way player has captured the imagination of the MLB world in recent seasons. However, it appears that the physical toll on his body has finally caught up with him. The Los Angeles Angels made a somber announcement on August 23rd, revealing that Shohei Ohtani had torn his ulnar collateral ligament (UCL).

This devastating injury has forced him to hang up his pitching gloves for the remainder of the season. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Ohtani has grappled with a UCL tear; he previously underwent Tommy John surgery, a procedure that required nearly two years for a full recovery.

Now, faced with a similar predicament, Ohtani is carefully considering his options, acutely aware that not everyone can emulate Bryce Harper's remarkable journey.

Harper's Remarkable Tommy John Comeback

Harper, the Phillies' designated hitter, rose to prominence as the star of Philadelphia last year, helping propel his team to the World Series, where he was honored as the Fall Classic MVP.

However, the euphoria quickly turned to despair when Harper announced the need for Tommy John surgery during the offseason. Most anticipated his return no earlier than the All-Star break, but he astounded the baseball world by resuming play in May, a remarkable two and a half months ahead of schedule, with just 160 days of recovery.

Reflecting on his incredible recovery, Harper commented, "I really tried to do everything I could to get to this point. It’s been a grind, coming in each day — on the field or in [the trainer’s room] — just understanding my body and how I feel and where I can push myself mentally and physically." While Harper's first experience with Tommy John surgery was aided by his exceptional athletic condition, Ohtani faces a more challenging scenario as this would be his second time undergoing the procedure.

The lingering question is whether his recovery will be faster this time or if it will demand even more patience. While fans are already bracing for the likelihood that Ohtani won't pitch in 2024, the prospect of him returning as a two-way player in 2025 remains a tantalizing hope.

Ohtani's impending free agency after this season has raised questions about his future with the Angels. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his injured arm, analysts predict that he will shatter expectations with a lucrative contract.

While some form of surgery seems inevitable, Ohtani's unwavering optimism keeps the hope alive for fans eager to witness baseball's unique unicorn in action once more. As Shohei Ohtani navigates his path to recovery, the baseball world watches with bated breath, wondering if he can follow in Bryce Harper's extraordinary footsteps.