Fan Pressure Mounts for John Fisher, Arturo Moreno,and Steve Cohen to Sell MLB Teams

Amidst MLB's evolving landscape, a significant ownership decision surfaces.

by Nouman Rasool
Fan Pressure Mounts for John Fisher, Arturo Moreno,and Steve Cohen to Sell MLB Teams
© Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

In the realm of Major League Baseball, the interplay between commercial interests and on-field dynamics shapes the league's landscape. With recent valuations suggesting billion-dollar potential for franchises, the MLB remains an alluring investment despite viewership fluctuations.

However, the perennial tug-of-war between ownership and devoted fans persists, and currently, this tension appears more pronounced than ever. As the 2023 MLB regular season hurtles toward its conclusion, the supporters of teams grappling with underwhelming performances are growing increasingly restless.

Compounding the situation, some of the most esteemed franchises are currently grappling with on-field struggles, raising the question: Could their owners be contemplating a profitable exit from their investments? According to fervent fans and media speculations, four MLB franchises are drawing heightened scrutiny for potential ownership transitions.

Rumblings of uncertainty have fueled discussions about the future of these teams, with a few owners stepping forth to address the conjecture surrounding their intentions, albeit with varying degrees of clarity.

Angels Owner Contemplates Franchise Sale

Within the landscape of underperforming teams, one owner appears poised to explore the possibility of relinquishing his franchise.

Arte Moreno, the proprietor of the Los Angeles Angels, has publicly acknowledged embarking on a formal assessment of "strategic alternatives," including the potential sale of the team. This announcement follows reports of the Anaheim City Council's decision to annul the sale of Angels Stadium to Moreno for $320 million—an intended real estate venture that now hangs in the balance.

Moreno's ownership tenure traces back to a triumphant World Series victory in 2003, yet subsequent seasons have witnessed the Angels falter in their quest for postseason glory. Languishing in a postseason drought spanning eight years, the Angels' inability to clinch playoff berths has cast shadows over their prospects.

With the added uncertainty of rising star Shohei Ohtani's impending free agency, the stage seems set for a potential changing of the guard in Anaheim. While discontent among several team owners over lackluster performances is palpable, not all are poised to follow in Moreno's footsteps.

In the case of Steve Cohen, who took the helm of the New York Mets in 2020, a hasty exit from the league seems unlikely. Similarly, the New York Yankees have found themselves at the center of sale rumors, prompting owner Hal Steinbrenner to dispel the notion.

Steinbrenner emphasized the team's sustained family ownership for "generations to come," a reassuring assertion for fans anxious amid their team's rare flirtation with a losing season after decades of competitive prowess.

As the MLB narrative unfolds, the delicate dance between ownership aspirations and fan fervor continues to captivate. While Moreno's actions point to potential shifts in ownership dynamics, others in the league signal resolve in maintaining their stake.

Amidst this dynamic tableau, the fate of each franchise remains a subject of passionate debate among devotees and observers alike.