Miguel Cabrera 4-Hit Game Boosts Climb on MLB Hits Ladder

Cabrera leads as Tigers showcase dominant offense.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Miguel Cabrera 4-Hit Game Boosts Climb on MLB Hits Ladder
© Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Miguel Cabrera, after a stunning four-hit performance, edges ever closer to surpassing Adrián Beltré on MLB's historic hits list. With a game that culminated in the Detroit Tigers' decisive 10-0 victory over the Chicago White Sox, Cabrera is only nine hits away from outstripping Beltré's 3,166 hits.

In the midst of his final MLB season, the 2023 season has been a banner year for Cabrera. He's surpassed legends like Ichiro Suzuki, Dave Winfield, and, most recently, George Brett. Their 2012 season connection made the latter especially poignant for him.

Cabrera fondly reminisces about Brett, recalling how he even attended Cabrera's final game at Kauffman Stadium, paying tribute with a framed collection of photos. "It's humbling," Cabrera remarked. "Early in your career, you look at the benchmarks set by greats like Gwynn and Brett and think, 'How can I ever achieve that?' Yet, here we are." Saturday's performance was a masterclass, anchored by his double off Chicago White Sox's Mike Clevinger.

This was Cabrera's first four-hit game since September 8, 2021. With a career total of 49 four-hit games, the 40-year-old's strategy was clear: "Stay aggressive. Swing at first-pitch strikes."

Hinch Lauds Miguel Cabrera Game Sense

Tigers' manager A.J.

Hinch praised Cabrera's intuitive sense of the game, saying, "He can sense when the pitcher is vulnerable. When Miguel sticks to his plan, he is unstoppable." The Tigers' game strategy was evident against Clevinger. They decimated him with eight runs from 12 hits over four innings, leading to a season-high of 18 hits.

"We aimed to be aggressive," Cabrera explained. "That's how we garnered so many hits." With Cabrera at 3,158 career hits, he's only 27 short of Cal Ripken Jr. Can he outdo the Baltimore Orioles' legend? The statistics suggest it's a tight race.

Cabrera's recent average suggests he'll accrue around 17 more hits this season, enough to bypass Beltré but falling just shy of Ripken. With Cabrera's MLB journey nearing its close, Hinch expressed the delicate balance of wanting him on the field without overexerting him.

The season's final game, expected to be Cabrera's MLB curtain call, is on October 1. With nearly sold-out tickets, fans are eager to witness the last act of this baseball maestro. Reflecting on his illustrious career and recent performances, Cabrera, ever the character, quipped about his legs' condition post-game: "Sore. I need ice." A lighthearted conclusion to a game that solidified his place among baseball's greats.