Rox Rookie Gets Comical Advice from Fan

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Rox Rookie Gets Comical Advice from Fan
Rox Rookie Gets Comical Advice from Fan © Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

In a lighthearted twist on fan-player interaction, a handwritten note, packed with unsolicited advice, found its way to Colorado Rockies' rookie sensation, Nolan Jones. "Do yourself a favor," the anonymous fan wrote, suggesting a variety of batting techniques, including “spread your stance” and “hit against a solid front side after a slight lift or toe tap”.

The note may not have been from a certified batting coach, but most baseball aficionados can't resist the urge to share their "expertise" with Major Leaguers. Occasionally glancing at the note for a chuckle, Jones revealed, “Some guy sent me two pages on all the adjustments I need to make”.

Following this “advice,” Jones had an outstanding night against the Blue Jays, contributing with a three-run homer, a triple, and a walk, although the Rockies did fall 13-9.

Jones' Meteoric Rise in Rockies

Known for his usually stoic demeanour, Jones jestingly credited the note for his performance.

Nevertheless, there’s no joking about his rising stature: he stands out as the Rockies' most exceptional talent this season. He's hit 14 home runs and boasts an impressive .890 OPS across 300 plate appearances. Comparing his record with teammates Ryan McMahon and rookie Ezequiel Tovar, Jones' stats are even more remarkable given his fewer appearances.

Jones also showcased his prowess with a critical three-run homer against Toronto's Génesis Cabrera. This feat has elevated his batting average to an exceptional .426 with runners in scoring position. Historically speaking, his statistics are flirting with legends, trailing only a handful of iconic rookies.

Yet, it's not just at the plate where Jones shines. Though transitioning from infielder to outfielder, his arm strength is unparalleled this season, averaging a throw speed of 98.8 mph. This incredible strength has culminated in 12 assists over 549 1/3 outfield innings.

However, Rockies' manager Bud Black reminds fans to temper their excitement. "We've seen it for most of the year, which is exciting for us for the future," Black commented post-game, emphasizing both the potential and the need for consistency in Jones' performance.

While Jones exhibits moments of inexperience, his raw talent is undeniable. With an ability to launch balls nearly 500 feet and consistently throw from the outfield at speeds over 100 mph, he's captured fans' imaginations.

As the jesting note suggested, with just a few tweaks to his stance, this rookie might just solidify his stardom in Major League Baseball.