Yankees Fans Curse Rivals for Copying Ballpark Tradition: Streak Losses Follow

Baseball traditions clash as Phillies echo Yankees' revered ritual.

by Nouman Rasool
Yankees Fans Curse Rivals for Copying Ballpark Tradition: Streak Losses Follow
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In the realm of baseball, certain traditions stand the test of time. They transcend generations, serving as a connecting thread between eras. For New York Yankees fans, the revered roll call is one such tradition. When another team dares to mirror it, it's akin to blasphemy.

Recently, the Texas Rangers attempted to mimic the roll call at Globe Life Park, resulting in the ire of the Yankees fandom. Although the rest of the MLB community mocked the Yankee supporters for their passionate reactions, the emphasis on upholding tradition was evident.

Now, the Philadelphia Phillies have taken up the torch, echoing the roll call, much to the chagrin of the Bronx loyalists. And these fans have a warning.

New York Yankees Loyalists Ring the Warning Bell

Post the Rangers' emulation of the roll call, they were hit with an eight-game losing streak.

Yankees fans interpreted this as divine baseball intervention – a karmic retribution of sorts. A recent video posted by Talkin’ Yanks on Instagram highlighted the Phillies' attempt at mimicking the roll call, reminding viewers of the Rangers' unfortunate aftermath.

A passionate fan expressed in the video, “Another team's trying the roll call? Now, the Phillies? If you wish to emulate one of the most iconic traditions in sports, a legacy of the Yankees, then brace for the consequences.

Remember the Rangers? They faced nine consecutive losses post their roll call attempt." The post, however, clarified the accurate losing streak was eight games. With the Phillies currently topping the Wild Card standings, they might want to heed the warning.

Their recent 12-7 victory against the LA Angels was commendable, but gaps in their defense are evident. Interestingly, the Phillies seem to have an eye on a Yankees outfielder.

Harrison Bader to Phillies: Yankees' Jewel in the Crown?

2023 hasn't been kind to the Yankees' star performers.

Unfortunately, Harrison Bader, a commanding outfield presence, has spent more time recovering than playing. His contributions to the Yankees have been notable, but his recent performance lags. ESPN's Jeff Passan reports that the Yankees have made Bader available on waivers.

This move might pique the Phillies' interest, considering they contemplated acquiring Bader earlier in July. Although those talks remained inconclusive, the possibility remains. Should Bader find his way to Philadelphia, it'll be perceived as another prized possession the Phillies have borrowed from the Yankees. And such a move might not sit well with the Bronx enthusiasts.

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