LA Angels Mismanagement: Shohei Ohtani & Mike Trout Legacies Tarnished

Charting Mike Trout's illustrious journey with the Angels.

by Nouman Rasool
LA Angels Mismanagement: Shohei Ohtani & Mike Trout Legacies Tarnished
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While Einstein noted that expecting different results from repetitive actions is a sign of insanity, the Los Angeles Angels seemingly aren't heeding that wisdom. With unprecedented access to unmatched talent, the Angels still struggle to capitalize on their position.

With stars like Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout in their prime, the franchise is yet to give either player a World Series ring to boast about. The Fall Classic, for them, is just a distant vision. In the hopes of 2023 being 'the' year, mainly to possibly retain Ohtani during his free agency, the Angels seem to have faltered.

Speculations are rife that Ohtani might want to move on. To add to the franchise's worries, even the steadfast Trout might be considering other horizons. It was back in December 2017 that Ohtani, after creating ripples in the global baseball community, chose the Angels over the more prosperous Los Angeles counterpart, the Dodgers.

This decision was largely influenced by the Angels’ promise to allow him a dual role as a pitcher and a hitter. By Opening Day of 2018, Ohtani was wearing an Angels uniform.

Mike Trout: Angels' Baseball Icon

Mike Trout's association with the Angels precedes Ohtani.

Drafted in 2009, Trout made his major league debut in 2011. Since then, he's solidified his place as a baseball icon, clinching three AL MVP titles and making eleven All-Star appearances. Despite Trout's significant contribution, the team hasn't been consistent.

Trout has faced his challenges, with injuries like the recent left hamate fracture. On the other hand, Ohtani, after overcoming a shaky start in the MLB due to a compromised UCL, has showcased his brilliance, especially in batting.

His peak came in 2020, followed by a strong contention for AL MVP in 2022. With the 2023 season underway, Ohtani’s future with the Angels is under scrutiny. Teams are vying for this sensation, from the Yankees to the Dodgers.

Some even speculate Ohtani might go to Baltimore or Atlanta. The baseball community essentially feels that the Angels haven’t provided Ohtani with a deserving roster. Meanwhile, Trout, while recovering, is exploring ventures off the field, prompting speculations about his baseball future.

But amidst these uncertainties, one thing remains consistent: the camaraderie between Trout and Ohtani. Their bond was showcased during the 2023 World Baseball Classic finale, where the two faced off as captains. This thrilling face-off, USA vs.

Japan, was one for the history books. Yet, despite the fierce competition, their friendship remains unaffected. With Trout lobbying for Ohtani's stay in Los Angeles, the MLB community watches with bated breath. The next move for these two greats is anyone’s guess.

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