Michael Jordan NASCAR Push: Can He Lure Hamlin Away from Joe Gibb After $3B NBA Exit?


Michael Jordan NASCAR Push: Can He Lure Hamlin Away from Joe Gibb After $3B NBA Exit?
Michael Jordan NASCAR Push: Can He Lure Hamlin Away from Joe Gibb After $3B NBA Exit? © Al Bello/Getty Images

In the dynamic realm of sports, the name Michael Jordan remains iconic, representing an unparalleled legacy. His prowess on the NBA court branded him a global symbol of athletic excellence. But as the adage goes, legends never truly retire.

Despite leaving the NBA, Jordan's entrepreneurial spirit has seen him venturing into various arenas, with some endeavors soaring while others have faced turbulence. An avid NASCAR fan, Jordan's vision was to imprint his legacy onto the stock car racing tracks.

His aspirations became a reality in 2020 when he collaborated with Joe Gibbs Racing ace Denny Hamlin to form 23XI Racing. This venture has since been charting an impressive trajectory. Currently, as the team expands its horizons, it might serve as a beacon of resurgence for Jordan, especially in light of his recent $3 billion NBA departure.

Michael Jordan's $3 Billion Hornets Exit

Rewinding a few months, Jordan grappled with a significant dilemma surrounding the ownership of the NBA team, Charlotte Hornets. His penchant for high-stakes gambling once again took center stage.

But the stakes this time were higher than ever, forcing him to relinquish his Hornets ownership in a staggering $3 billion deal. With NASCAR's Cup Series potentially offering a pathway to financial redemption, Jordan has been deeply invested.

In a moment of triumph, Jordan watched Bubba Wallace, his team's star driver, solidify his place in the top 16 at the Daytona Cup Series finale, thanks to Chris Buescher's victory. With both Wallace and Tyler Reddick now in playoff contention, the stakes for 23XI Racing have never been higher.

Distinguishing Jordan's NBA ownership journey from his NASCAR odyssey is evident. 23XI Racing's meteoric rise has made headlines, attracting talents from diverse racing backgrounds, including luminaries like Kamui Kobayashi and Travis Pastrana.

Such strategic moves have revitalized Jordan's involvement, ensuring he maximizes emerging opportunities. Denny Hamlin's role transcends mere co-ownership. As a mentor and cornerstone for Jordan, Hamlin has been integral in navigating the intricate NASCAR landscape.

He recently hinted at Jordan's deepening involvement: "Certainly, he’s involved in more meetings. Now he wants to be on every branding e-mail”. The climaxing speculation revolves around Hamlin possibly steering for 23XI Racing.

The longstanding alliance between Hamlin and Joe Gibbs Racing seems precarious. Having represented Gibbs for nearly two decades, Hamlin's championship void might propel him towards 23XI. Reflecting on the evolving dynamics, Hamlin remarked, “It’s business... there’s a lot of paperwork and red tape,” hinting at the possibility of change.

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