Mookie Betts Stuns with Massive Homer in Fenway Return

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Mookie Betts Stuns with Massive Homer in Fenway Return
Mookie Betts Stuns with Massive Homer in Fenway Return © Winslow Townson/Getty Images

On Friday night, the historic Fenway Park was illuminated not just by its floodlights but also by the brilliance of a former son returning home. Mookie Betts, once the crown jewel of the Boston Red Sox, made his grand return to Fenway, this time donning the blue of the LA Dodgers.

As he stepped onto the field, the Fenway faithful couldn't help but rise in a unified standing ovation, a tribute to a player who once electrified their ballpark. Sunday's match-up with the Red Sox saw Betts at his vintage best.

The spectacular outfielder sent a mammoth shot over Fenway's legendary Green Monster, reigniting memories of past glories with the Red Sox and fortifying his case for a potential Hall of Fame ticket. For Boston fans, it was a bittersweet moment – a cocktail of nostalgia and recognition of his continued dominance.

Mookie Betts MVP Chase Heats Up

Though Betts is on a clear path to perhaps snatch this year's MVP title, he'll have to outshine formidable talents, notably Ronald Acuna Jr. and his current Dodgers teammate, Freddie Freeman.

Recalling his tenure with Boston, Betts began his Major League journey with the Red Sox in 2014, aged just 21. By the following year, he had already etched his name as an All-Star. But in 2020, contractual disagreements led to his trade to the Dodgers.

During his six-year Boston chapter, Betts notched 139 home runs in 794 games, holding an impressive .893 OPS. However, life in LA has seemingly elevated Betts' gameplay. Within 441 games for the Dodgers, he's slammed 108 home runs and boasts a .913 OPS.

This season alone, he's on track for a personal best with 35 homers. His defensive prowess was on full display in 2022, leading the National League right fielders in outs above average, further adorned by his sixth Golden Glove.

After hoisting the World Series trophy with Boston in 2018, Betts repeated the feat with the Dodgers in 2020. While he seems right at home with his new squad, it's evident Fenway misses its star. Currently, the Dodgers dominate the NL West, while the Red Sox lag at fourth in the AL East.