World Series: Dodgers are one game to win the title!

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World Series: Dodgers are one game to win the title!

At the MLB World Series, Dodgers are one game to win the title: in fact Los Angeles Dodgers win 4-2 in Game 5, are now leading 3-2. Where there was the comeback of the Rays in the last action, with two mistakes by the Dodgers and a daring series of events that had favored the overtaking of Tampa Bay and left bad feelings in Los Angeles.

Dodgers have often been through in Game 5 from the relief of the advantage gained to the nightmare of the possible new comeback of the Rays. Everything was above all in the hands and arm of Clayton Kershaw, the symbolic player of the Dodgers, the historical leader who has led them into the playoffs with brilliant and promising victories, sometimes followed by burning defeats.

Despite eight consecutive division titles and a regular season that has grown into one in recent years. long formality in preparation for the playoffs, the only thing that matters now in Los Angeles.

World Series: Dodgers are one title win!

Kershaw simply failed to play the part of the hero at the right time, in a great final scene before the credits. Years pass and Kershaw no longer seems to be in the moment of his best performances, but after winning Game 1 he led the Dodgers to a fundamental success in Game 5.

The starting pitcher from Los Angeles has often been in trouble, he came out with class, struggling to recover situations with men on the basis that could overwhelm him. He also made the play that will be one of the moments to remember of this World Series, assisting at home plate to take out Margot on an attempt to steal the run from third base.

Kershaw added 6 strike outs in his game to 207 in the playoffs, setting a new all-time record in the postseason. A baseball giant. Who is the only one who plays at home in this World Series hosted on a neutral field, given that he is Texan and that friends and family are never lacking in the stands of the Globe Life Field.

They're right. They could be moments not to be missed for the Kershaw family. Game 5 then became the game of regrets for the Rays, who also had missed opportunities against the reliefs of the Dodgers. They finished 1 in 7 with the runners in point position.

The thrilling final of Game 4, Phillips’s winning joke and the rush of all his team mates to hug him are already forgotten. They no longer have flavor. The Dodgers won Game 5 scoring immediately against Glasnow and keeping the advantage.