Fernando Tatis Jr returns to the field on Tuesday?

"He's an instinctual player," Melvin said

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Tatis Jr returns to the field on Tuesday?

There is a good chance that Fernando Tatis Jr. will be making his Cactus League debut soon. It is likely that he will return to work on Tuesday. There is no doubt that this news will make fans happy. Almost two years have passed since Tatis Jr.

didn't play for the Padres. In a recent interview with the media, Tatis confirmed that he was ready to face new challenges and prove his abilities. "I'm ready," Tatis said, as quoted by mlb.com "I'm just checking boxes for the manager and for the team, but I'm definitely ready." Manager Bob Melvin is satisfied with Tatis, who had special preparations.

There was a fear that the same thing might happen again, so they had to take extreme measures in order to prevent the same thing from happening. "He's an instinctual player," Melvin said. "Maybe [you're worried] slightly more than with everybody else, because of the injuries.

But if you start thinking about what you're doing out there, you could get injured just as easily doing that. What we're trying to do is take him through all the possible scenarios that he might see in a game and let him know: ‘How does that feel?’ Then, once he gets in a game, it's going to be pretty instinctual for him."

Fernando Tatis Jr.

is ready

He is now ready to show himself and prove himself. "The game's going to talk, the game's going to dictate it," Tatis said. "I'm a baseball player. I'm not a doctor. ... I'm just going to play." Tatis had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

He obviously missed baseball a lot. "I just want to get out there. I miss the game so much. Like I mentioned, I haven't been on the field for a very long time. I just want to be out there with the boys, inside that lineup”.