Joey Gallo on the new rules that MLB is introducing

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Joey Gallo on the new rules that MLB is introducing

MLB will be introducing many changes in the coming years, including a pitch timer, shift restrictions, and larger bases - to name just a few. In spite of the fact that fans are divided regarding these changes, MLB seems to be moving in a positive direction.

Joey Gallo, a member of the Minnesota Twins, weighed in on this type of change. As a result of these changes, he believes there will be an additional sense of excitement. Gallo is optimistic, despite the fact that people are dissatisfied with the situation.

“I just don’t think people want to watch pitching and defense,” he said talking to Audacy Original Podcast Baseball Isn’t Boring with, as quoted by “I think they want to see people hitting the ball and scoring runs and running around the bases.

Hopefully these rule changes kind of implement a little bit more action and entertainment for the casual fan and not just always the diehard baseball fan. I think, for baseball, you’re trying to attract a bigger, grander audience, and it’s hard to do that if it’s just not exciting to watch and slow-paced games”.

Joey Gallo

Gallo is especially thinking about slightly younger fans who want excitement during the game. He believes that it will be an additional reason to follow the match. “To me, we’ve got to open up our eyes a little bit and understand the world now,” he said.

“If we want to attract the younger demographic, they want to see offense, they want to see homers, they want to see people running the bases, they want to see excitement and they want to get up and cheer. ... For me, I think that’s the biggest priority: creating excitement, creating a reason for people to get out of their seat and cheer. I think we’re on the right track for that”.