John Mozeliak and contract extension: Will it really happen?

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John Mozeliak and contract extension: Will it really happen?

Currently, John Mozeliak serves as the president of baseball operations of the St. Louis Cardinals. Media reports indicate that Mozeliak has agreed to extend his contract with the Cardinals until the end of 2025, which was greatly appreciated by the fans of this team.

Cardinals chairman Bill DeWitt Jr was full of praise for Mozeliak when he was speaking with the media. It is clear to see that John has been a great asset to the club and the team has greatly benefited from his ability as well as his contribution.

Just as in the case of many others, DeWitt Jr. is well aware that in order to enter into a contract with him, he will have to sit down and talk with him, and he is looking forward to doing this within the next few days. “He’s top echelon of baseball people,” DeWitt said of Mozeliak, as quoted by “Mo has done a great job for us.

I’m a big fan of his abilities as a president of baseball operations. I know the questions came up: ‘How come you haven’t extended him?’ We’ve had conversations, but we really haven’t gotten into a lot of discussion about it.

He’s been doing what he’s doing. When we get to Florida, we’ll sit down and see what everybody wants to do”.

John Mozeliak on the team

Mozeliak recently commented on the current situation in the team and the players he has available.

“We always talk about competition in camp, and candidly, I’ll admit it, sometimes there really isn’t,” Mozeliak said for the media. “This year, I think it’s pretty genuine. Performance and what people do is going to matter, and with what our 26-man roster is going to look like, I could sit here and write out a guess, but I’d probably write out 32 names”.