The biggest MLB final begins

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The biggest MLB final begins

East vs. West, California vs. Florida, American vs. National League, multiple champions opposed to a club without a single Major League Baseball title. Many opposites, only two teams, and one only wish - to reach the trophy in the final series of the strongest baseball league on the planet, the first to be played on neutral ground due to "force majeure", the corona virus, is hosted by the Texas city of Arlington.

. The Los Angeles Dodgers, champions of the National League (NL), with 43 victories, the most successful team in the MLB league, will chase the seventh title in their history, and on that path stand the Tampa Bay Race, the team with the best performance in the regular season of the American League.

AL), who recorded 40 triumphs in 60 games of the shortened season. Many things are separated, but one parameter makes them almost the same when it comes to 2020: both of them won the fight for chasing the title after a maximum of seven games in the previous round of the playoffs.

The club from the "city of angels" won against Atlanta, while the Florida people somehow won againste uston Astros. Although they enter the final series, at least formally, from identical starting positions, comparing the starting pitchers in the opening match, it would be said that the outcome is predetermined.

But only in the movie you can know how it ends by watching the first part, baseball is still played in real life.


Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers' starting pitcher, statistically looks like a giant compared to Tyler Glasnow, a player who will lead Race from the hill.

The multiple all-star player, the former owner of the MVP award intended for the best player in the National League, the laureate in the category of the best NL throwers on three occasions, stands out far in all parameters compared to his colleague from the opposite camp.

When it comes to the overall statistics of the playoff career, the numbers show the following: The Texan allows 4.31 points per throw thrown to the opponent's hitters (ERA), Glasnow 5.47. His playoff score is 11:12, behind the name of manager Paul Kevin Cash is 1: 2, while the even more drastic power ratio between the two pitchers in the WHIP category is 1.09: 1.40 in favor of Dave Roberts, which means that in on average, he allows fewer bases to be won by his poor throw than the younger player in this duel does.

Kershaw also has comparative advantages on this season's track, which runs until the very end of the season: ERA 3.32 (Glasnow 4.66), their score is equal (2: 1), in the WHIP category the difference is visible in this case as well - 0.95 NUMBER: 1.29.

When it comes to hitters, the situation is quite different. If the duel Kershaw - Glasnow is a duel between a cat and a mouse, the attackers' competition is a lion's fight.