World Series: Los Angeles vs. Tampa!

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World Series: Los Angeles vs. Tampa!

The Dodgers at the World Series: for the third time in 4 seasons! Los Angeles, in the bubble in Arlington, Texas, will challenge Tampa, the American champion, for the series that is worth the MLB title. The Californians thanks to a home run by winger Cody Bellinger in the 7th that broke the 3-3, win game-7 of the National League series against the Atlanta Braves and this time really aim to break the curse that has lasted since 1988, when they won the last link.

In game 7 they took the lead and kept it until the sixth inning before being overtaken by the two home runs of Hernandez and Bellinger. Also in game 5 Atlanta had gained an initial advantage, then canceled by the Los Angeles batters and by the shortages among the Braves pitchers.

To compete Atlanta will need an intact rotation of starters, this season has been decimated by injuries. The narrowly missed final for the title must be judged as a great undertaking, once the regrets are long gone and do not fill the head with bad thoughts and missed opportunities.

World Series: Los Angeles vs. Tampa!

The depth of the Dodgers produces an evident and winning result: the alternation of the protagonists. In this case Hernandez, a kind of jack-of-all-trades you can put anywhere on defense and who can hit home runs on offense in key games even if he's not a big-medium-to-big hitter in his career.

Real players are the ones who emerge under pressure and in times of greatest need. Or Bellinger, a great striker, remained silent for almost the entire series and then emerged with the solving blow of his great redemption.

But previously the driver had been above all Corey Seager, who finished the series with 5 home runs and took home 11 points in total, winning 26 bases. Figures never achieved in a series in the history of the National League.

Seager was rightly named MVP of the NL final. The key player remains Mookie Betts. His spectacular outfield holds block the opponent's attack and galvanize his teammates. Betts with his plays manages to convince you that anything is possible, that you cannot lose if he is on your side.

He came to the Dodgers from the Red Sox to complete a team that has often reached the World Series trophy without taking it. He won it in 2018. He knows how to do it. San Diego Padres and Atlanta Braves are not that far off, but Los Angeles is defending its leadership for now as seen in these playoffs. The Braves were very close to overturning the hierarchies.