Justin Verlander is recovering; The mental barrier is the hardest after returning

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Justin Verlander is recovering; The mental barrier is the hardest after returning

Astros star Justin Verlander is in the process of recovering from a right calf injury. His team is playing great, and Verlander is cautious after all. “Just very optimistic but also being cautious, particularly given the time of the year,” Verlander said for MLB.com “Not trying to overly push things.

I think things have gone about as good as anybody could have hoped for to this point. It feels good to be able to get off the slope a little bit and to test that. It felt good”. Verlander is trying to make his recovery go the way he wants.

Now he doesn't need unnecessary things. Justin is aware of the competition in the team and what a great team they have. “Given the point in the season and given how well our starters are doing and how we’ve positioned ourselves also, I think 'caution' is the word to use,” Verlander said.

“I think even if I rush back to come back right when the 15 days is up, I don’t know if that would even allot an extra start throughout the rest of the regular season or not, as opposed to giving it another four days or so.

It’s a lot of constant conversation, and a lot of ebb and flow between me and the staff and how you feel, and we haven’t really circled a date yet. It’s really just kind of like see how things go as you’re progressing, and I’m progressing very quickly.

I do think discretion is the better part of valor. I think that could apply here. Just try not to get too far ahead of myself and don’t do anything stupid, you know?”


Returning after an injury always brings difficult obstacles.

One of the most difficult obstacles is precisely the mental one. You are fighting for your place in the team again, you have to get used to certain rituals again, and the most difficult thing is the mental barrier. “I think, as with most of these types of injuries, whether it’s fascial like mine or muscle, one of the big keys when you’re coming back is kind of getting through that mental barrier, which is why I wanted to throw off the slope [Wednesday],” he said.

“I know I can play my normal game of catch on flat ground. How does this feel off the slope? There’s always a little bit of hesitation. It’s in a very controlled environment to slowly work through that hesitation.

In my experience, anyway, I’ll be much more confident, mentally, throwing off the mound [next time]”.