Hunter Brown impressed on his debut: Overall, I was definitely nervous


Hunter Brown impressed on his debut: Overall, I was definitely nervous

Hunter Brown has been waiting a long time for his MLB debut. That's something you dream about even as a boy when you go into the baseball world.. Brown didn't give up, he followed his dreams, and with last night's game, he delighted the fans of his team.

The Houston Astros played against the Texas Rangers, and Brown managed to throw six scoreless innings, allowing three hits and one walk. A really fantastic player. He was striking out five batters and deservedly led his team to a 1-0 victory.

Brown was nervous right before the start of the match, but also during the match. This did not prevent him from showing his full potential “I was definitely nervous,” Brown said for “As the outing went on, [the nerves] subsided.

Overall, I was definitely nervous”. Catcher Martín Maldonado is delighted with what Brown has done. He reminded him of a great player, which speaks volumes for the perspective this young man has. “Impressive,” catcher Martín Maldonado said.

“The first couple of innings, he threw the ball really, really good. He reminded me of [Justin Verlander] back in the day -- a young J.V. -- when J.V. was still doing his thing. But Hunter -- big curveball, power slider, power fastball.

He located the fastball better than I thought he was going to. He was impressive, even from the bullpen”. “I thought I had some pretty good stuff today,” Brown said. “I had both breaking balls going at times.

My fastball was really good early. I was happy with it”.

Tony Beasley on Hunter Brown

Rangers interim manager Tony Beasley is pleased with the job Brown has done. “Brown did a nice job,” Rangers interim manager Tony Beasley said.

“You have to give him credit. He had a live fastball and a nice little breaking ball, and he attacked. He forced us into contact. He walked one guy. He just attacked the zone and did what you expect a pitcher to do. So just tip the hat."
Maldonado expected Brown to excel in his debut.

“We knew coming in that he was the No. 1 prospect for a reason,” Maldonado said. “We think his stuff is electric. He’s going to get hitters out. Just go out there and compete. … He was a little fired up from the get-go.

That's nice to see”. “He was losing some of the hop on his fastball, and we thought he had enough, especially with a fresh bullpen that didn't work [Sunday],” Baker said.