Austin Meadows will take a break due to mental health issues

“I’ve been dealing with this privately with a great team of professionals"

by Sead Dedovic
Austin Meadows will take a break due to mental health issues

Mental health has become a topic that is being talked about more and more. Many athletes openly talk about mental problems and what professional sports entails. Austin Meadows is one of them. Meadows will not start this season due to mental health issues.

“What I have told very few people is that I also have been struggling with my mental health in a way that has extended my time away from the game that I love so much,” Meadows posted on social media. “I’ve been dealing with this privately with a great team of professionals, but I need to continue to put in the hard work off the field towards feeling mentally healthy.

While I’ve been back in the clubhouse the past few weeks, and plan to remain with the club through the end of the season, I am still not ready to return to the field. I am so grateful for my family, my teammates, and the Tigers organization for supporting me through this.

I can’t do this alone, and I hope in sharing my experience I can touch at least one person who might be going through their own struggles and encourage them to reach out to someone for help”.

A.J. Hinch: I commend him for doing it

Manager A.J.

Hinch decided to support Meadows considering the difficult moment in his career. Meadows showed courage by speaking openly about his problems. “He wanted to share with everyone what he’s going through. I commend him for doing it,” said Hinch, who has spent time talking with Meadows over the last couple weeks.

“I’m very proud of him. It’s not easy in this sport, as an athlete, as a competitor, to admit when you need help outside the normal scope of baseball. “We’ll offer him all the support we can, and we have been.

It’s tough to hear, but I very much feel good about the path ahead. … He’s on a great path. He’s surrounded by a lot of great people. He’s got a ton of support, and his statement speaks for itself”.

Parker Meadows also decided to provide support to an MLB player who currently needs a break. “I’ve been talking to him almost every day. Obviously, he’s had a pretty rough year,” Parker Meadows said last month.

“I know everybody wants him to be out there and I know he wants to be out there. It’s been tough for him”.