Aaron Boone gives an update on Nestor Cortes' injury

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Aaron Boone gives an update on Nestor Cortes' injury
Aaron Boone gives an update on Nestor Cortes' injury (Provided by Sport World News)

Nestor Cortes will be absent some time due to a groin injury. It will be a big shock for the New York Yankees team considering the qualities of this player. Cortes has shown how good he is this year, which is supported by his statistics.

They hope that his recovery will be quick and that he will be ready for the next challenges. Nestor Cortes did not expect the injury to be serious. Despite that, he gave his best and wanted to help the team, but the day after the match he realized that things were not harmless.

“During the game, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” Nestor Cortes said. “Obviously, I wanted to compete and give my team the best chance possible, so I grinded through it. I didn’t know how bad it was until the MRI.

Even the next day, I thought it was OK, but the fact that I was limping — we needed the MRI”. Yankees manager Aaron Boone hopes that this will not be a serious thing, and that Cortes will soon return to the field.

Boone is aware of how much Nestor can help him and is therefore optimistic that things could be good for him and the team. “Hopefully it’s not something that costs him more than a couple starts, and hopefully something maybe that serves him well and gives his body a little break,”

Aaron Boone on Nestor Cortes

Boone emphasized that the recovery seems to be going as it should, and that Nestor is showing great progress.

That is exactly why they have high expectations regarding his recovery. “He’s (Nestor Cortes) up and moving already. I actually threw with him out here. He’s doing agility drills. He’s hitting the ground already in the rehab process, so hopefully it’s not something that costs him too much time”.

Nestor Cortes lived up to the expectations of the coaches and fans, given that he excelled in 2022. Boone is impressed with Cortes' maturity and willingness to give his best. Cortes has no problem doing whatever the coach tells him to do, and because of that, he has a lot of respect from him.

“He’s fearless,” “He’s a really confident kid with really good stuff, and you feel comfortable putting him in any situation and knowing that he’s got the gumption to kind of handle that”. The recovery process could be quick, and Cortes is motivated to return as soon as possible.