Rickie Fowler: "PGA Tour is the best place, but you can't expect..."

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Rickie Fowler: "PGA Tour is the best place, but you can't expect..."

PGA Tour players had to make some moves in the fight against LIV Golf, and that's why they held an anonymous meeting at the BMW Championship. The goal was to find the right solution for LIV Golf and what they have been doing in the past months.

Tiger Woods was the 'main face' of that meeting, as many have confirmed. "It was about all the top players getting on the same page," an anonymous player said, as quoted by ESPN. "It was a good meeting." Rickie Fowler was one of the participants.

Rickie is a big supporter of the PGA Tour, but he also believes that certain changes are necessary. "The Tour has been the best place to play, currently is and I'd like to see it continue to be," Fowler said. "But you can't expect to stay the same and be the best all the time, if that makes sense."

Jon Rahm on LIV Golf and PGA

Jon Rahm commented on the situation regarding LIV Golf and the PGA Tour allegations. "Well, I can tell you I had zero attention on it," Rahm said, as quoted by skysports. "I only found out that it was going on because I walked by player dining and I saw about 10 really nervous people pacing all around the room and I thought, 'Well, there's something going on.'

"I asked and heard what was going on. But I never really - I was in the room when the judge made her decision known, but only because I was walking by and they told me it was time. "So I was like, yeah, I'll stay."
Jon Rahm also commented on the situation in which LIV Golfers would get a chance to compete on the PGA Tour.

He thinks that it would be strange, but that he could not blame the judge for the decision. "I think it could have made things a little bit awkward, yeah," he said. "They chose to leave the PGA Tour, they chose to go join another tour knowing the consequences; and then try to come back and get, you know, courts and justice in the way wouldn't have, I would say, sit extremely well with me.

But at the same time, they are adults, right? They are free to do as they please, to an extent, and that's what they chose to do. If they are allowed by a judge, I'm nobody to say otherwise. Would have been awkward, possibly, but I guess we'll never know."