Families of 9/11 victims are fighting against LIV Golf!

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Families of 9/11 victims are fighting against LIV Golf!

Families of 9/11 victims cannot come to terms with the appearance of LIV Golf and what it entails. Saudi Arabia is the main financier of this project, and that is what the families do not support. Alison Crowther, who lost her son on 9/11, decided to say the following: “My father was a scratch golfer,” Crowther said for The Post “My husband was a banker, so [golf] is what they did.

Welles loved golf, too”. “If I could talk to [the players from LIV Golf] I would that say I’m horrified they could be bought. It’s not like [Phil Mickelson and others] are struggling [financially]. That they could be morally compromised by money from a source such as this, I find it appalling.

I find it a testament to their own character, which is unsatisfactory”.

Terry Strada speaks on the problem

Terry Strada is disappointed with the complete story and the appearance of such people on the golf scene. “To those players who have ignorantly toed the kingdom’s line speaking from their talking points and asking the public to focus on what the Saudis are doing now, or calling the allegations against the kingdom tenuous at best, you have become mouthpieces for the kingdom and perfect examples of how sportswashing works,” she said.

“What [Saudi Arabia] is doing with LIV Golf is, they’re throwing billions of dollars into a PR stunt. They don’t care [about golf]”. Matthew Bocchi is against such a project and supported Rory McIlroy who also supported 9/11 families “I’m aware there are corporations in the U.S.

funded by Saudi money; their involvement in this country is no mystery,” Bocchi told The Post. “This is setting a precedent we don’t want set. I’m a big sports fan. If this can happen so easily and so close to home, who’s to say this isn’t going to continue and they’re not going to get involved in other sports? “The proximity of this tournament — I grew up 15 minutes from here.

I went to so many funerals here. It ignites [the emotions] all over again. I respect a lot of the golfers. Is the money worth it? Do they need $200 million from the Saudis? Maybe some of them do. But they need to realize this is a fight we’ve been having for years.

It’s hurtful. I respect Rory [McIlroy], who has spoken out against it and said this is sportswashing. I have a lot of friends who are golf fans. They feel the same way. This is going to set a tone that we don’t want”.