How did golfers react to the PGA Tour's decision?

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How did golfers react to the PGA Tour's decision?

News related to the LIV Golf International series and the PGA Tour is something that will be talked about in the coming days. Namely, the leaders of the PGA Tour decided to deny the performances of their players at LIV Golf.

Justin Thomas reacted to this decision and believes that every player has complete freedom to do what he wants. Thomas is not the only one who reacted, there are many of them and below we will present some of them. "You know, it's like, look, if you want to go, go," Thomas said for sky sports.

"I mean there's been plenty of guys that have been advocates of it and have just talked it up all the time and they have been guys behind the scenes that are saying, I'm going, I'm doing this.' And like my whole thing is, like just go then.

".. Everybody's entitled to do what they want, you know what I mean? Like if I wanted to go play that tour I could go play that tour. But I'm loyal to the PGA Tour."


Will Zalatoris believes that the PGA Tour is a great situation, and that it is a good environment to progress and achieve your goals.

"Look, if you want to (play in an LIV Golf event), no one's stopping you, but what we have here is pretty good too, considering every week we're playing for a pretty great purse on pretty great golf courses and the benefits we have off the golf course on top, it's pretty tough to beat," he said.

"Purses are only going up here, but on top of that, like I said, no one's stopping anyone from doing it. But I think everyone agrees the decision that came out yesterday is the best for the (PGA) Tour." Scottie Scheffler believes that the PGA Tour did everything to stop the rivalry, ie to make their progress.

This decision is quite reasonable. We will see, however, whether there will be changes. "If you're playing here on the PGA Tour, playing in something that could be a rival series to the PGA Tour, being a member of our tour, it's definitely not something where we want our membership to do because it's going to harm the tournament we have opposite that," Scheffler said.

".. I'm sure that's why they did not release the players. Because if we have 15 guys go over there and play, that hurts the RBC and the Canadian Open.