Tiger Woods touching speech after the Hall of Fame

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Tiger Woods touching speech after the Hall of Fame

Tiger Woods was a new member of the Golf Hall of Fame. Below the speeches from Woods, Finchem and Berning, while Hollins was inducted posthumously: "All the inductees, all the people who, all the past Hall of Famers who are here, players, the World Golf Hall of Fame committee, thank you for inducting me and passing me in here.

Jay, thank you for moving the age down from 50 to 45. I'm going to start kind of retro, so I'm going to go at 6 years old, so 40 years ago. So at 6 years old I was getting hooked to the game of golf. My dad was playing, and he was a member and was able to play at what was called the Navy Golf Course in Long Beach, California.

In order to play as a dependent, you had to be 10 years old or older. Obviously, I did not fit that criteria. So in order for me to kind of play in the game, we found a par-3 course at Heartwell Golf Park in Long Beach. So my mom took me there, and a pro, Rudy, at the time, my mom was like, hey, can my son play here and practice here a little bit? Okay, let me see him hit a few shots.

Well, I hit a few shots, and he says, okay, he's got unlimited balls. So that's where I ended up starting playing. So fast forward a couple years, I'm now 8 years old. I'd be dropped off, one of the great things about playing at Heartwell, they had a tournament every Saturday.

So I spent the week practicing at the park right down the street. So my dog Boom-Boom and I, which I named after Freddy, we'd go down to the park. I'd hit balls in the dark, in the grass, through trees, in the sand, through the hula hoops, everything.

So my dog, I'd only hit two golf balls. He would go lay down next to each one of them. Well, that's kind of how I learned to play the game of golf. Well, at the age of 8, my mom during those tournament days was so supportive and so great, she would give me 75 cents.

So 75 cents would allow me to buy an hamburger, and then 25 cents would be used to use the pay phone to call her to come pick me up. If the pay phone swallowed it, I had a backup. Well, that backup then turned into putting contests, which I ended up pocketing a few more quarters, which led into skins games, which led into dad's finding out why -- okay, how did you get more quarters? Then he'd say, okay, well, you can't putt for quarters.

Fine, done, I won't putt for any more quarters. I come home a week later, I've got a pocket full of dollars. I told you not to putt for quarters. I didn't. Okay. No more putting for money. Done. Next week, come home with a pocket full of dollars.

He said, I thought I told you never to putt for money again. I didn't. I went out and played skins."