Tiger woods on his best tools

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Tiger woods on his best tools

As we well know, Tiger Woods uses a Stealth Plus driver with a carbon fiber face - a material that is said to be a breakthrough in the golf equipment industry today.Woods used Stealth Plus when he and his son Charlie competed for the 36-hole PNC Championship sponsored by the PGA Tour in mid-December.

At that time, he was not completely healthy after a traffic accident that nearly lost his right leg in February 2021. But with the new club, Woods easily played around the 300-yard mark at the tournament. Particularly for the first 5 laps, Woods' ball speed reached 273 km/h.

"It helped me overcome the lack of necessary distance when playing draw. Oh, this tree has a nice color scheme," Woods commented on the new putter. It has a clubhead switch that changes the center of gravity to customize the trajectory of the ball.

If pushed forward, the ball line is biased to fade (starting from the right of the target line and then hovering to the finish line), while the opposite operation will favor draw (opposite of fade). Considered among the best golfers of all time, as well as the best of the modern era, Tiger Woods has won 110 professional tournaments, including 15 majors, in his multi-decade career, making him the most successful player in history.

He held the top spot in the world rankings for a total of 683 weeks, including 281 consecutive weeks, and is the only golfer to have won all four major tournaments of the modern era in a single year. In 2014 he became the first sportsman in the world to have exceeded a billion dollars in earnings from various sponsors.

In 2019, President Donald Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States of America. On February 23, 2021, he is involved in a car accident in Los Angeles and suffers numerous fractures in his legs.

Tiger Woods gave golf journalist Daniel Rapaport the chance to ask a question to him after he fumbled his lines at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas. Rapaport (journalist of Golf Digest - ed.), was initially on hand to pose a question to Woods when he spoke to the media for the first time last Tuesday.

Rapaport asked Woods: "How realistic was amputation as an option?" Woods replied: "It was definitely on the table." Rapaport then recalls how Woods stared into his soul with that response, and as a result, he then froze ahead of his next question that he had lined up. "And, my other question is… um… I forgot," said Rapaport.

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