Tiger Woods putters sold at auction for...

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Tiger Woods putters sold at auction for...

Tiger Woods putters sold at auction have ties that can be traced back to the famed Newport 2 GSS he used to win 14 of his 15 major titles. The putter currently available on Collectable, however, is connected to an iconic Anser-style model that started the Scotty Cameron craze in 1997, when Woods set countless Masters records en route to a historic 12-shot win.

Two months after Golden Age Golf Auctions sold a Tiger Woods Scotty Cameron backup putter traced to the 2000 season for an astounding $393,300, a fractional sports investing platform has its sights set on cracking the $1 million mark with another Woods-used wand.

According to Collectable, the putter on their site is photo-matched to the 1998 U.S. Open at Olympic Club and BellSouth Classic, making it a Tiger-used putter. Woods would also go on to win the BellSouth with the putter for his 7th Tour title.

The Newport TeI3 Teryllium he wielded that year at Augusta remains the only other putter Woods used to win a major title. As Woods confirmed in 2016, it’s one of two putters that have a prominent place in his putting studio.

Golden Age Golf Auctions founder Ryan Carey said: "The golf collecting industry is scorching amazing. We are seeing a massive uptick in demand and that is long overdue." Before the putter ended up on Collectable, it was owned by NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver and Buffalo Bills great Andre Reed, who was gifted the putter by Woods himself during one of their rounds at Isleworth.

Italy: aggression and children and parents during a soccer match

Incredible episode of violence in Italy, during a soccer match, as reported by Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport. The fact would have happened in Florence, at the end of Fiesole-Rondinella Marzocco.

Here are the words of the chairman of the Florentine club Rondinella Marzocco, Lorenzo Bosi regarding the fact: "Yesterday was a black page for sport and in particular for our club. At the end of the match between Fiesole Calcio and Rondinella Marzocco of the Juniores championship, a A group of criminals armed with clubs and helmets attacked our athletes with unprecedented violence, accompanied by their coach and their parents.

Two boys ended up in hospital and others, including parents, were hit several times. Even a mother was thrown to the ground. In condemning the episode in the strongest way, we ask the police to do everything in their ability to trace those responsible for this shameful attack.

" The police and the prosecutor have already opened an investigation to identify those responsible for the incident. Chairman of Rondinella, in addressing Fiesole Calcio, said: "We ask you to name the participants in the raid.

Our boys, victims of this vile act, their families and our coach deserve a big hug with the certainty that the club will take all possible actions, in every location, so that those responsible pay for this incomprehensible act.

" Fiesole club said: "We totally distance ourselves from the very serious and unfortunate events that took place outside the gate of our facility at the end of the contest. A violent action moved by a group of criminals. question to identify those who have exchanged an afternoon of sport to vent and lead to an unjustified crime that is already being examined by the competent authorities."