Donald Trump ups his game. Again.

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Donald Trump ups his game. Again.

Amid the chaos of the worldwide Corona-virus pandemic, President Donald Trump has found time in his busy schedule to work on his golf game. Again. On September 6 American president Donald Trump visited Trump National Golf Club in in Potomac Falls.

This was the 289th time the 45th president of the United States visited one of his 17 golf clubs since becoming the leader of the free world in January 2017. He has now paid 210 visits to any golf course as President. Trump ended 2017 with at least 91 golf club visits.

In his second year at the helm, he played 76 times and in the third, 91 times. All but two rounds were at his own clubs. In November 2017 he played with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and Japanese star pro, Hideki Matsuyama in Japan.

He played again with Abe in 2019. Trump arrived at his D.C.-area golf club on Sunday just before 10 a.m. His administration and surrogates continue to try to limit damage from a story in The Atlantic in which anonymous Trump administration officials say the President disparaged American soldiers.

Donald Trump on the tee

According to those in the know, Trump prefers to play golf in the mornings, with the Secret Service following him in golf carts. This has cost the American taxpayers around $765 000 so far. The Secret Service has spent over $950 000 in overnight bills at Trump-owned properties, including his New Jersey country club.

The White House does not really publicize Trump’s golfing habits, unless he is playing with celebrities or pro golfers. However, if he's going to the golf club for about 4-5 hours, it is very likely he's playing golf.

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden has asked the White House to provide the names of Trump's golf partners, as well for his clubs to provide visitor logs to get a sense of when Trump has played golf and with whom. No one will deny Trump time to swing his clubs.

Golf has always been a very popular leisure time and outlet for most of the American Commanders-in-Chief from as far back as the early 20th century. However, it does feel a bit hypocritical of him after his relentless criticism of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who played around 333 rounds of golf as president.

Trump himself has been in the news quite a few times during the pandemic for paying golf while the US is battling the Coronavirus surge. The president claims to have a USGA handicap index under 5, but rumor has it, it is a vanity handicap to make him seem better than he is.