Tiger Woods praises the USA victory in Ryder Cup

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Tiger Woods praises the USA victory in Ryder Cup

USA beat Europe to win the Ryder Cup 2021. In Wisconsin USA conquer the 43rd edition of the Ryder Cup winning for 19 to 9 against Europe that comes out of the scaled-down confrontation. Since 1979 neither team had managed to impose itself on the other with such a wide margin.

There was no story. The stars and stripes team dominated from start to finish, thus redeeming the defeat suffered in 2018 in Paris. Tiger Woods said on Twitter about the performance of his countrymen: "It was a dominant performance.

I can't wait to celebrate together, congratulations to you all." In 2023 the super golf match will be played, for the first time in Italy, at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Guidonia Montecelio (Rome).

The passing of the baton between the United States and Italy is done and the Eternal City is preparing to welcome a global event with a strong economic impact. Two years and the continentals will have a chance to redeem themselves.


USA won the Ryder Cup 2021

USA won the 43rd edition of the Ryder Cup, in Wisconsin. United States gave a great lesson to Europe. At Kohler's Whistling Straits Golf Course, Collin Morikawa gave the US the final victory: now the situation is 15-6 and the European team can no longer manage to recover.

After the 2018 defeat in Paris, the USA are back to win and do so in front of the home crowd, as happened also in 2016 in Minnesota. Result still to be determined given the various single matches still in progress. But a debacle is looming for the Old Continent.

The 12 single matches will be decisive. And the continental team, led by Padraig Harrington, dreams of repeating what has been dubbed the "miracle of Medinah" It was 2012 and in the 39th edition of the Ryder Cup, in Chicago, Europe had closed the two days of doubles down by 4 points.

Then, in the singles, he found a sensational comeback (winning eight, losing three and drawing one) overtaking the United States in a sprint which, in Wisconsin, approached the feat. The technical superiority of the stars and stripes team, which can count on eight of the best ten players on the planet, is evident.

And so, after the Paris 2018 debacle, the Yankees, also supported by their public, approach the company. 19 to 9 is the final score at the end of the direct clashes on Sunday that comes from the field, among a thousand bunkers, in Whistling Straits, Wisconsin.

The United States takes back the Rydercup after five years thanks to the contribution of all twelve star-striped champions starting from Dustin Johnson, 5 matches won and 5 points given to the team, as did Chicco Molinari in the memorable edition of Ryder Cup in Paris in 2018.

Rham and Garcia tried to keep up with their opponents and then collapsed in the match play. In the next two years (2023) the Ryder Cup will be played in Rome, Italy.