Collin Morikawa is dranied after Tokyo 2021 4th place

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Collin Morikawa is dranied after Tokyo 2021 4th place

Here is the interesting interview released by Collin Morikawa following the 4th place in the golf tournament in Tokyo 2021: "The biggest thing is that during those off weeks is taking enough time off. Normally when I've come back from Asia I feel absolutely drained, I feel dead, but it's because I haven't had a tournament.

But so far, knock on wood, I've slept great the past two days even coming back from Tokyo. I think it's a 14‑hour time difference. I've still slept really good, I've gotten my rest and I feel great but I think it's because I know I'm here to win, I'm here to compete.

I'm not here to just tack it onto my career and say I've competed in another WGC. I want to bring everything I have, I want to bring what I've brought the past kind of month and a half of golf this week here to Memphis.

Although I wasn't able to get a medal there even through that long playoff, I'm an Olympian and that's what happened over the past week is one of the best experiences in my life. Obviously winning The Open a couple weeks ago is just awesome.

Life's in a great spot right now, I'm very happy, I'm playing well. I'm having a good time and that's the biggest thing I think for me at 24 is just to enjoy it. I said I've had a lot of fun, especially that summer of turning pro obviously I played really well.

You play bad here and there, but overall it's just about enjoying it, how do I learn, how do I get better. That for me is I want what's more and what's next. I want to keep winning, I want could keep putting myself in contention because it's fun.

It's enjoyable. Those are the kind of pressure situations you want to be in. So looking back over the past couple weeks, I haven't really been able to celebrate as much as I want to or I need, but that's something that when I have a good chunk of off time, that's what I'm going to kind of take away and relax.

For now, we're almost to the postseason, we're almost to the Playoffs and I've got a big focus ahead of me and I want to be able to finish the season off really strong."

Collin Morikawa was the final man to be beaten in the bronze medal play-off by C.T.

Pan, at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games

In the press conference he said: "One of the best experiences of your life. I'm walking away whether I get a medal or not I'm an Olympian and that's what I said from the beginning of the week.

But I think what today brought out of me was more than just playing for myself I was playing for our country and I was able to fight and dig deep. Sometimes that's what you need. But to anyone that has second thoughts or doubts about whether golf should be in the Olympics or whether they should go and play to represent their country, they absolutely should because the Olympics reaches a wider audience than anything, a lot of tournaments that we play.

And whether this grows the game substantially or not, we're doing our part to putting golf on the world stage and to see other athletes this is their pinnacle and I think golf will be very exciting for the future in the Olympics."